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Could have looked like this in the 17th century...
I had a 1 day lay over before taking my flight to Noronha, instead of staying in the modern city of Recife I decided to stay that night in the pretty town of Olinda right next door. Back in the colonial days of land grabbing this was one of the main Dutch strongholds from where they coordinated their short lived attempt at controlling Northeastern Brazil. After less then a decade and a sound beating at the battle of Guararapes the Dutch West Indies Company left Brasil to the Portuguese. After burning every Catholic church in Olinda, that is. Probably better they left, it's hard to imagine what Brazil would have become under a stern Protestant rule.
Steep streets and nice churches
It definitely wouldn't have had the licentious, religiously mixed up happy go lucky culture it has now.
In the hostel I met 2 welsh girls who gave me a quick night time tour of Olinda and took me to one of the Olinda bar areas. It proved to be one of my last caipirinhas in Brazil, I'm fine with the cacha├ža but my stomach would be unable to handle the lime and sugar bombs anymore. A local band called Aborto do Cavaco ('Ukelele Abortion') played their neurotic tong-in-cheek tunes for hours as the locals slammed 1 liter bottles of beers in the square.
In the morning I did my quick tour of the village (as quick as the steep streets let me anyway) and visited some of the rebuild churches, heavy on portuguese azulejo tiles as in all of of the Northeast area. Olinda has the quaintness of a 17th century town with multicolored houses along steep cobblestoned streets, and a lot of maintenance is being done by the municipality to retain it's attractiveness for the mostly elderly tourists and those who want to take in some cultural eye candy.
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Could have looked like this in the…
Could have looked like this in th…
Steep streets and nice churches
Steep streets and nice churches
Toothbrush action in the hostel
Toothbrush action in the hostel
The neighbour of Olinda, built up …
The neighbour of Olinda, built up…
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