The Challenge of Spanish Verbs

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Game Creator Carol Franks

Those of you who have tried to master Spanish, know exactly what I mean when I describe Spanish verbs as a nightmare. Hundreds of verb endings. Dozens of irregular verbs and 14 different tenses.

When I was studying Spanish in Guatemala and then in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, I made up a simple game on recipe cards for practising those annoying verbs with my maestra. 

 Two years later, I have 1000 Verb It games in my guest room here in Peterboro, Canada, where I am spending a long winter. Due to family health concerns, I could not return to San Juan del Sur, where I usually teach English as a volunteer to local hospitality workers during the winter months.

Developing my board game from scratch has been an incredible journey, along the way I have had to learn about trademarks, suppliers, websites, printing and shipping.

Education Students from Daemen College, NYS, enjoy a game of Verb It.
 I am determined to market the game myself, via the game's website:  There are lots of quizzes on the site where you can work on your Spanish verbs.

The game is based on a fast-paced race through Latin America where players advanced toward the finish line by answering verb questions such as: yo/comer/presente. If you answered: Yo como. I eat., then you earn 100 pesos and a roll of the die. Verb questions are geared to beginner, intermediate and advanced learners of Spanish.  Try this advanced question: ella/aprender/futuro perfecto. The answer is: Ella habrĂ¡ aprendido. She will have learned.

The excitement heightens in the game when players start challenging and double challenging their competitors' answers.

Game's Logo with colorful little red-eyed tree frog, native to Central America.

Since everyone loves trivia, sprinkled along the gamemat are Pasaporte spaces that test a player's knowledge of Latin America. For example, who is the current President of Puerto Rico. Bravo, if you said: Barak Obama.  

You will hardly notice you are practising those annoying verbs as you race through Latin America. 

Please spread the word about my board game. And if you are planning a trip to Central America, I hope you include Nicaragua and especially San Juan del Sur on your itinerary. It's a jewel of a place. 

 Hasta luego, carolina              

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Game Creator Carol Franks
Game Creator Carol Franks
Education Students from Daemen Col…
Education Students from Daemen Co…
Games Logo with colorful little r…
Game's Logo with colorful little …
Verb It night at the Peterboro Cit…
Verb It night at the Peterboro Ci…
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