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There is something about Peru that just kinda gets under your skin.  From horse riding in Saqsaywaman National Park to hiking amongst the Incan ruins bordering the jungle it has such a mystical almost legendary quality to it.  It´s hard to describe and that brief one I just gave doesn´t really capture it at all, it´s just some thing you feel when you´re here.  The people are very calm and liv a hard life, particularly with the recent mudslides they have experienced.  This has meant that Macchu Picchu has been closed for around the last month and will be for at least another month or so (must return at some ppoint to do the Inca trail!).  We have driven through many of the devastated areas and some of the hostels we´ve stayed in are surrounded by houses that have been washed away, some of our hostels have had leaking rooves, there are piles of debris in a lot of places, lots of mud... but the people soldier on and go on with rebuilding with a smile on their faces.  It sure makes you appreciate what you have and also it´s humbling to learn so much from people who have been so impacted from this natural disaster.

Went horse riding through the Saqsaywaman National Park which was amazing.  Got absolutely drenched but invested in a humungous poncho afterwards so I am now sexywaman with poncho... lol.  Stayed in Pisac last night and had a shop around the markets.  There is so much alpaca stuff here it´s overwhelming!  I have already bought two pairs of socks, beanie and gloves.  There wasn´t really any room in my back pack to begin with so I will be wearing a lot on the plane!

Local cuisine includes guinea pig which if I can bring myself to do it, I´ll try tomorrow at the place recommended by our guide.  Apparently they cook it with the head and the claws on, bring it to you so you can take a photo, then remove the head and the claws before you eat it.  I think I´ll give it a try.  It´s supposed to taste a little like chicken I think :)  Other than that, Cusquena black or red beer is really good.  So is a Pisco Sour which is a local spirit with egg whites and cinnamon - very strong though!  I have only been having one or two drinks a day because the high altitude can give you killer hangovers.  Local Peruvian wine that I´ve had hasn´t been so good, although Chilean and Argentinian wines have been excellent.

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photo by: Vlindeke