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The famous Pike's Place Market
Seattle was a great first stop on my trip.  My first day started out with me feeling like a complete idiot for bringing grayish-blue pants and only having a blue fleece as a warm layer which resulted in, tada, almost a totally blue looking outfit.  Perfect.  But this trip is not a fashion show.. as I keep telling myself, especially since I have a very limited wardrobe at the moment.  ANYWAYS, I started off by staying with Mackenzie and Matt who are friends of my old Denver roommate Ashley.  It was really great to have people to hang out with the first few days and to introduce me to the Seattle transport system.  My first couple days there I spent exploring downtown, going up to the Columbia Tower's observation deck, checking out the excitement at Pike's Place, walking along the waterfront, visiting the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (not SO curious as it would seem), staring up at the Space Needle but not actually going up, seeing the odd "art" at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and wandering to Bainbridge Island and touring the quaint town there.
View from atop the Columbia Tower

After leaving Sullivan's, through a series of events I ended up staying at the Green Tortoise Hostel downtown, which was a very good time indeed.  I ended up meeting these two Germans (traveling individually yet both coming from Vancouver), Melanie and Chris, the first night I was there.  We spent the night walking around in the rain, minus umbrellas, getting soaking wet and realizing that the almost half hour long trek was futile because Melanie couldn't get in anywhere since she's only 20.  So we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe directly across the street from our hostel.  We scratched that after awhile, Chris and I got some beer, and we held up in the hostel for a night of drinking and in the process meeting a young, unique couple from Portland.
B-e-a-utiful Cascade (I think..) Mountains
  During this comfortably tipsy time I learned the word 'tapete' means wallpaper in German.  You can't imagine how long it took to figure that out.  I can't even recall why we were talking about wallpaper in the first place, but it was a hilariously good time.  It was SO fun in fact I decided to stay another day.  Chris and I went out again since Melanie had left, but after awhile spent too much money at the bars and returned to the Tortoise for a spontaneous international game of Pictionary.  Can't remember the last time I played, but my team - consisting of myself, an Irish guy, and an Australian guy - were horribly beaten by the all British guy team (I include Chris since he goes to school in Wales).  Better luck next time I guess!  Although I still feel my picture of the Alps was much more accurate. 
celibrum says:
Kat, thanks for the e-mail. I also joined Travel Buddy so I could write lewd, inappropriate comments. Wasn't Seattle beautiful? I'm glad you're posting pictures too but you also have to include some with you in them. M'ok??? I await the next update!
Posted on: Apr 04, 2010
smohr419 says:
I made this travel buddy thing just to comment. I love that you are making random friends...when do we get to play pictionary? Come back to Denver and bring some new people to the vine
Posted on: Apr 02, 2010
ame007 says:
Yay! I totally enjoyed reading this! I just created an account so I could reply. Sounds awesome so far and you haven't even left America yet! Say hello to Starbucks home town for me and drink some pikes place coffee in pikes place market if you can- even though you hate coffee! Keep writing and bring on the entertainment- u got me and keegs observing you!
Posted on: Apr 01, 2010
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The famous Pikes Place Market
The famous Pike's Place Market
View from atop the Columbia Tower
View from atop the Columbia Tower
B-e-a-utiful Cascade (I think..) M…
B-e-a-utiful Cascade (I think..) …
Inside the market
Inside the market
My little gnome
My little gnome
The first Starbucks.. not like I e…
The first Starbucks.. not like I …
The uh, art, at Olympic Sculpture …
The uh, art, at Olympic Sculpture…
Ah, the Space Needle. Sideways, ap…
Ah, the Space Needle. Sideways, a…
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