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A collection of Asian oddities as experienced by me.  Meant purely as observational humor, no malicious intent.  Enjoy.

Just because...

- you\'re on the sidewalk doesn\'t mean you\'re safe from motorbikes.

- you\'re on the sidewalk doesn\'t mean you can\'t go to the bathroom right then and there.

- you point to a place on a map and show the location written in Chinese doesn\'t mean people will understand what you want..  you want soup?

- the pedestrian is 5 feet off the road doesn\'t mean you shouldn\'t honk at them to let them know you\'re coming anyways.

- they\'re wasted doesn\'t mean you shouldn\'t allow a tourist to swing off a 30ft high rope swing.

- they don\'t know you doesn\'t mean they can\'t take 20 pictures of/with you.

- you\'re inside doesn\'t mean you can\'t spit on the floor.

- you\'re in a bathroom doesn\'t mean there\'s a toilet.

- you know the correct price for an item doesn\'t mean you\'re not going to pay 5x that.

- you asked the driver to take you to a specific hotel doesn\'t mean you\'re going to be taken there.

- you\'re on a bus with no open windows doesn\'t mean you can\'t smoke.

- you\'re lost and trying to ask for help doesn\'t mean people won\'t just take pictures and shout hello at you.

- it\'s 8am doesn\'t mean you can\'t eat noodle soup.

- you\'re 10,000 miles away doesn\'t mean you won\'t hear Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, or Bob Marley everywhere.

- you\'re lying on a beach with an iPod on and a towel over your face doesn\'t mean a vendor will leave you alone.

- you\'re on a bus doesn\'t mean you can\'t listen and sing loudly along to karaoke.

- the bus only seats 12 people doesn\'t mean 20 people won\'t ride it.

- he\'s driving a bus full of people doesn\'t mean the driver can\'t run a few personal errands first.

- they\'re your bus driver, tour guide, etc doesn\'t mean they can\'t still kiss you on the cheek with no previous interaction.

- you\'re a size small at home doesn\'t mean you\'re anything less than a XL in Asia.

- they work at the tourist information desk doesn\'t mean they have to help you.

- motorbikes are only meant for 1-2 people doesn\'t mean 5 can\'t ride it.

- you\'re wearing a watch doesn\'t mean you can\'t buy another one.. maybe for your mom? sister? boyfriend? no boyfriend? why? so pretty.

- you paid for the express boat doesn\'t mean you\'re getting ON the express boat.

- you said no to the first 3 motorbike taxi\'s in a row doesn\'t mean you won\'t say yes to the 4th, 5th, or 6th.

- you haven\'t showered or brushed your hair in 3 days doesn\'t mean local guys won\'t hit on you.

- you\'re on a beach doesn\'t mean you don\'t need a bow and arrow.

- she looks like a woman doesn\'t mean she IS a woman.

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photo by: dm_nana