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my last full day. :( i really didn't want it to be my last full day here...was feeling a bit sad.

Saturday we went snorkeling. okay they did.... i didn't. haha but at least i went in the water and walked out there. yes i know i have got to learn how to swim. i must overcome my fear and find a really good and patient teacher to teach me. so yes i did had the nerve to at least walk into the water and saw a few pretty fish. FISHES!!!! lol. this became an inside joke between rosy and i. we saw many fish. we saw many fishes. i'm no expert of the different type of fish so i would call the blue fish "the blue fish" and the fish with the blue stripe "the fish w/ the blue stripe".

then i saw from a distance a spot to explore. i gotten curious again and i was joined by rosy. unfortunately the one particular spot was gated off so i assume it must be too dangerous for anybody to explore.
we stopped to take pictures and Sue joined us a little after.

After they went snorkeling we had lunch at kona's brewery. i ordered a fish taco meal because i was craving mexican food and i was definitely missing the mexican tacos back in LA. the fish taco was pretty good, decent fish but sure doesn't beat carne asade tacos. haha. we didn't finish our lunch till about 3pm.

at the very last minute we decided to go hiking. i love love love love love hiking and i have been mentioning to go hiking since the beginning of the trip. we were debating which hike to go to. we heard about koko mountain but it sounded like a short hike, steep yes but short. i wanted a long and somewhat relaxing hike that won't be a torture for the others. we decided to hike mariner's ridge hike by Keith's casa.
just a few blocks down from keith's. joining me on this hike was daniel, rosy, and lola. alright let's go!

the hike was a bit steep luckily it wasn't as hard as some others i've done in the past. rosy was hard to keep up with. damn girl! hahaha. we started the hike really late so if i had some more time i would've finished it! when it gets dark it gets dangerous and creepy at the hiking trails so i'd rather be safe then sorry. i'm waiting for rosy to upload pictures of what she saw from the top, the finish line. the best part about hiking is finishing it and being at the top! hopefully next time when i go back to Oahu i'll do that hike again, to start early in the morning to finish it!

night time rolled around.
rosy and i
we got dressed and i decided to dress up a bit being my last night and all.....sadness. we had din din at Duke's in Waikiki. ambience was sweet. hawaiian singers sang at our table. drinks and food were pretty good but of course nothing more important then good company. after our meal, rosy, lola, and i decided to step outside to the shopping area to look for souvenirs. i have been to hawaii a few times so i didn't need any. the shops closed pretty early. at one souvenir store there was a toy, they called it "shocking toy". you press the button and it shocks you. i did of course. haha. i was tempted to buy it and bring it home to my kid brother. i'm such a kid sometimes.

after the shopping we headed back to Duke's to see what the others were doing.
Mariner's ridge hike
they were all hanging at the patio (right on the beach). most decided to call it a night. i, lola, daniel, karen (keith's wife), marianne, and her buddy decided to continue the night at Senor Frog's. we all got our alky drinks on and our dancing shoes on. some very sexy ragaeton (sp??) music, i like. so sexyyyyyy. good company = good times so what the hell bring on the tequilla shots!

that concludes my night and my last full day in oahu....

the next morning, superbowl sunday keith was kind enough to take me to costco to look for an ukelele. no luck and keith insisted he would find one for me and send to me. awww how sweet. i felt quite bad, still do. said my byes to my roomies lola and rosy. said my byes to the aloha_keith family. off i go to the car rental to drop off my car then the airport.
Ciaoooo Oahu. till next time, i'll be back for a fourth visit! thanks to everyone who made my trip and my first meet-up a memorable one. it was nice meeting everyone! And special thanks to Keith, Karen, Daphne, Alice, and Betty for your hospitality!! :)

things i wanted to but didn't get to do but will do next time in Oahu or the other Hawaiian islands:
- kayaking!
- whale watching
- diamond head
- skydiving (probably.)
- renting the scooter (i hope i don't get run over by cars or don't run over pedestrians.)
- find more hiking trails!!!

and this concludes my blog for this trip! till next time happy TB-ing.
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rosy and i
rosy and i
Mariners ridge hike
Mariner's ridge hike
i like taking pictures of clouds.
i like taking pictures of clouds.
i LOVE hiking!
i LOVE hiking!
thats how we do it in East LA. lo…
that's how we do it in East LA. l…
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