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my first full day in Oahu! finally a full day to explore the parts of Oahu I have seemed to have missed the first 2 times I was there.

We hit the road early morning. Keith was one of our drivers for today. we hit downtown waikiki to pick up daniel and robert then met up by the harbour for another TBer Christian who was the other driver for the day, and for Sue and Wendy. Off we go, at last. The roads towards Sunset Beach were quite similar to the roads in Hilo, Big Island. (I loved Big Island and I miss it....)The scenery was spectacular especially seeing so much green! almost a tropical forest atmosphere. was it even a tropical forest? i don't think so.
??? the weather was on and off cloudy, also at one point it sprinkled rain a bit. totally reminds me of Hilo or even Hana.

We stopped where the chinaman hat was it. Cloudy but a great view as always in hawaii.

We ate lunch at the shrimp shack. hmm what to order? Ginger shrimp? Butter? ahh i don't know! decided on the butter shrimp. delicious shrimp! mmm. mmm and i didn't mind eating the shells of the shrimp either. the portion was quite huge and as usual i never finish my plate of food so i had to give the rest away. daniel ate the rest of it. We hit the beach, Sunset Beach, we hung out there for awhile. I was sunbathing since I can't swim. haha no shame no shame. The waves looked harsh, it was intimidating! eek. I've forgotten to bring my book so I was enjoying my time relaxing, talking to daniel, and people watching like i always do when i hit the beaches here at home in LA.

Then the group decided to hit another spot where sea turtles hung out. We headed out there, but we the ones in Keith's car decided to continue on and hit a different beach. I should really write down the names of these places...i have forgotten the name of the next beach we went to. Again, we enjoyed our time sunbathing. Then I got bored sitting around and saw a sort of cliff where all the huge rocks were at. I gotten curious so I asked the others if they wanted to see what was there in hopes i would find some wildlife sea creatures. Joining me on this little adventure was rosy, lola, and daniel. I really love difficult and challenging walks so this was a good one to explore. Unfortunately no sign of much wildlife. The rocks were easy to walk on, not even remotely slippery. easy!

After that I saw in a distance was a cool looking spot and I gotten curious what could be there.
So i asked the others to join me. Lola decided to stay to suntan w/ Keith while Rosy, daniel, and i went ahead to walk there. An awesome walk where at one point a pretty tall wave of water came crashing into us. reminds me of some of the other hikes i've done before. we spotted lots of strange rock formation and a dozen of really tiny crab like creatures. (maybe they were crabs, black ones.)

To skip a little we headed back home to wash up and get ready for the nighttime dinner at D&B's. yay D&B!! i'm like a big kid. i like arcade games. i'm not normally a competitive person but when it comes to arcade games i'm down. we had to literally rush to get showered and rushed to the restaurant since they had a strict policy of sorts. I had a great time playing the Nascar racing game, my favorite from the bunch.
While racing Robert decided to ruin my steady car. you punk! lol. so i decided to ruin his steady car when he was competing with keith. then a little argument, in which i hope by now they have gone past the anger, moved on, and have made up.

After D&B, we went to this pub/bar where I downed my first ever Irish car bomb w/ daniel. it's not fun for him to down it alone. And for the record, i am not an alcoholic! :*( i know i come off as being quiet and reserved but i was with good company so hell with it, why not? it's not as if i do this everyday. i'm surprised that i felt no buzz after drinking it. interesting.

then we all head home for sleep. sleep is nice. sleep is soothing. sleep is one of my favorite activities especially in rainy and cold hot coco days.

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daniel and lola
daniel and lola
didnt see much wildlife at this s…
didn't see much wildlife at this …
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