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loaded pictures but other TBers have more than i do. i've never been too good w/ bringing the camera. i will write more about the trip later.

A bit delayed on this blog....been so very busy. Finally I have some time to SIT DOWN and blog about this trip. I'm still recovering from a hectic week so don't mind me if my sentences don't make much sense. hehe.

I wanted my first TB meet-up to be at one of my favorite places and Honolulu is one of them. I've been to Oahu/Honolulu area before, this trip back to Honolulu was my third visit the only difference is I'm meeting up w/ new people and really great people at it. I was at first honestly hesitant about the idea being I didn't know anyone personally but I'm glad I made it out.

4:30am- my very loud chicken alarm clock goes off! AH time to get up. sun has not set and it was still very cold (about 45-50F) i dislike getting up so early in the morning but for fun it is worth it. the super shuttle came to pick me up 6am...well 6:10am, he was a tad bit late. $33.00 one way and the guy shows up 10 minutes late. off we go and we picked up another passenger in one of downtown LA's fancy hotel.

finally arrived to the airport by 7amish. waiting for my plane....sipped on starbucks coffee paid for by the x'mas starbucks giftcard and munched on apple turnover whilst people watching. thoughts in my head "ohh cute kid", "that guy gots some weird hair", "hmm i wonder whose sitting behind me?", "is that JASON MRAZ? oh nooo just some guy who has a hat similar to jason's", "oh i can't wait to get there!!!!", and etc.
non-stop thoughts in my head.

8:30am- Hawaiian Airlines flight HA1. boarding at last! let's get this show on the road!! plane takes off. i absolutely love the feeling when the plane takes off to the air. the shaking feeling. boring flight. nobody to talk to and i can't sleep in planes. tried to read the dalai lama book "the art of happiness" (which by the way i highly recommend you to read) but the man next to me was sleeping and i didn't want to be rude and turn on the light. it's alright because i have my ishuffle. playlist included songs by Travis, Lily Allen, Rilo Kiley, Cafe Tacuba, La Oreja De Van Gogh, Daddy Yankee, Sondre Lerche, Priscilla Ahn, Jesca Hoop, Billie Piper, Natalia Lafourcade, John Legend, Lenka, etc and etc and etc.

ok let's skip to the part when i finally landed. yay finally there! oh my goodness 6 hours and 22 minutes in the air. my ass is sore and i couldn't possibly share that comment to complete strangers now could i? no haha. down the baggage claim, my ass still sore, i finally see Keith, our host for the week. ah yes he looks just like his picture here on TravBuddy. It's him alright. and whose standing next to him? It was Daniel from AZ. Suddenly I felt 2 feet tall standing next to Keith and Daniel. Keith pulled out from his plastic bag not a gun but a lei. just a joke about the gun thing. hahaha. we girls from the hood are always cautious and look at our surroundings (at least i do anyways). aww how kind of him to buy us all leis! (on another note: i wanted to take the lei back home but the airport agricultural dept. wouldn't allow me to). Sue from AZ was on her way.

then i got my Alamo rental car. then drove to Keith's home. phoned him just to make sure i wasn't at the wrong house. perfect location and away from crowds, just the way I like it to be. no crowds=no noise=peace=a very happy virginia. daphne is the name of Keith's dog who greeted me at the door. aww such a sweet dog. then alice the cat, so pretty.

keith and lola returns. met lola from Kansas. she looks just like her picture also. rosy from Calgary hasn't arrived at honolulu yet. the three of us ventured off and walked around Keith's neighborhood. very peaceful and the homes are big and pretty. there is a great view of the ocean and city right by his house, a trail called Mariner's Ridge Hike.

Rest of the daytime we hung out at his house. Dinnertime rolls around off we go to Tiki's in downtown Waikiki. Drinks were good, my Blue Hawaiian was pretty good. Good drinks, food, and good company. Met more TBers, sweet! Oh dear gotten tired around 8pm. Had to leave and call it a night. Went back to the place, showered, and slept. Needed sleep horribly. No sleep makes me grumpy. I was knocked out by 9ish i think but I was awaken by Keith's haunting computer screens that decided to turn on on it's own around 2 in the morning. WTF i thought in my head. did i do that? i ignored it and went back to sleep.

And that was my first day.
row-zzzzz says:
OMG ... you got up at 9ish to think i went ot bed at 3amish and got up at 7:50am ... now i know who was the lazy one lol ... mind you at your age you need your 12hrs of sleep ... LOL ... love your blog ... great write up!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
daniel_jetsetter says:
So I see you stole my pics!!! J/K I stole some as well lol
Posted on: Feb 17, 2010
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