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Egypt was everything I hoped it would be... exotic, cultural and historical.

There are just a couple things you need to expect once you get there: pollution, poverty, and hoards of harassing street vendors. But once you have that in perspective, the splendors are breathtaking.

I can't fully express what it's like to be dwarfed by a structure that has withstood countless wars, natural disasters and over 3500 years.

Random thoughts and memories about Egypt:
-Going inside the Great Pyramid can make you a little claustrophobic, and it really is an empty room with an empty tomb. But how many people can say they went inside a pyramid?
-Do not acknowledge vendors. Just keep a stern look on your face, don't make eye contact, and don't say ANYTHING. Not even "No." Just keep walking.
-Great tip: don't slide down the edge of the pyramid unless you intend on spraining an ankle.
-Don't ignore said ankle injury until the last minute. You'll be limping around the Cairo Museum, laying down on a bench screaming in agony, be wheeled around on a wheelchair by a guard that's dying to be speed racer, hang onto said wheelchair for dear life as they carry you down the stairs, get a shot in the butt at the museum clinic, and be absolutely grateful for the doctor and assistants at the clinic for taking great care of me. At least I got to see the King Tut exhibit... so worth it!
-I totally expected the Nile River Cruise to be a cold, flimsy boat. Instead I got a 4 star floating hotel. It only housed 60 people, but I'd take this over those huge Carnival boats anyday.
-God I love the people in my group!
-One of the most exciting times of my life: seeing people in the streets after Egypt wins the African Cup for soccer.
-One of the most fearful times of my life: seeing people in the streets after Egypt wins the African Cup for soccer.
-Flaming aerosol cans, people chanting and dancing, flags waving, 5 people on motorcycles, 50 people crammed onto a truck and completely ignoring traffic laws, national and team pride, and a group that just wanted you to join in on the festivities.
-I will always stop in amazement at hieroglyphics, structures and drawings that have lasted 1000's of years. No matter how many temples look the same.
-King Tut's skeleton is much smaller than you'd ever expect. And it's completely draped from neck to ankle. All you see is the head and feet. But it was great to see the golden sarcophagus in the stone tomb.
-The library of Alexandria is magnificent and so was our tour guide: Aida Farhoud--she rocked!
-The absolute best part of Alexandria was lunch at the rooftop of the Windsor Palace Hotel with the most beautiful view of the Mediterranean. Not to mention celebrating my birthday there!
-Cairo is good. Alexandria is great. Luxor is awesome.
-Having a great tour guide is invaluable. Thanks Hisham Mansour!
-I love my family
-Total Cost of a trip to Egypt: $1500. Spending your birthday in Egypt: PRICELESS.
JetRockette says:
Yes, many people have a fantasized view of a location only to be disappointed by these things once they get there. It can ruin a trip. Like I said, once you have those things in perspective, the splendors are breathtaking.
Posted on: Feb 10, 2010
montecarlostar says:
"Granted, with my ancestry coming from a definite third world country (India), I knew what to expect once I got there: pollution, poverty, hoards of harassing street vendors, and terrible traffic. But once you have that in perspective, the splendors are breathtaking."

Is that comment really necessary?
Posted on: Feb 08, 2010
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