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On our final day we spent the time visiting the botanical gardens (althrough everything was mostly dead, it being winter) and then heading to the university district to try the bars out! Not the most constructive day, but we had fun! Althrough trying to pay the bill at midnight whilst more than half cut was a bit silly especially with my friend talking loudly with the Czech girl trying to help (the old guy at recpetion had no idea how to work the card machine and I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of going back out to find a cashpoint while it was -5 outside) who eventually told him off for being too loud whilst others were sleeping which, being drunk, he aplogised repeatedly and hillariously for (I think he might have given the bemused girl a hug too). Brit's abroad, eh? Shameful.

Left for our flight early saturday morning (departing 6:10am) before heading home. I reccommend spending as little time in Cluj airport as possible: there is nothing there at all. Not even shops to browse. And Romanians can't que probably which, to a Brit, is utter sacrilage! Quing's one of things we do best! While moaning about it! So we Wizzair'd it back to Luton with my travelling, half-asleep, rather ill paramedic friend deciding to go to the toilet upon return to Luton airport. Being the genius he is, he managed to get into the Ladies before everyone else and remained there for a good 40 minutes until it cleared out, hiding in cubical after he realised his error, too scared to leave in fear of being branded a total prevert.

Keep in mind this is a man who could well be the one thing standing between you and death if you have a terrible accident in the Wells/Frome area of Somerset. Scary, innit? The only other notable thing to happen on return was that when we got to the carpark I found one of my tyres had gone flat! Bit annoying at 7:30am! So what else can you do but play 'Hot or Not?' on your phone? Yeah, I know what you're thinking, how can he save lives and I be so generally damn brilliant yet neither of us are capable of changing a tyre? What can I say, car problems are my kryptonite. They're the Joker to my Batman, the taxman to my bank account, the chalk to my cheese. Get the picture? Glad to find out my spare tyre is okay doing any speed for over 200 miles through in spite of the less than convincing words of the breakdown guy. Otherwise that morning could've really sucked. Imagine being stuck in Luton for more than 10 minutes? Christ, I'd rather go back to Marrakesh. No I wouldn't, that's a total lie.

But anyway, Romania's grand, give it a whirl while it's still cheap and the money is still plastic!

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