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We headed to the train station on friday morning to catch the train to Sighisoara at 9:50am. Now sadly the train service in Romania is much the same as in most of eastern Europe: bloody slow. Regardless of the train type you get as there's three options, the time is much the same. The only thing that goes up is the price! So after 3 and a half hours, we arrived at our destination. The town is fairly small, surrounding the hilltop castle town built many years before and the alledged birthplace of Vlad III Dracula (so guess what the tourist merchandise revolved around?). Protected by it's walls, it offers a great view of Sighisoara and beyond. The Town hall along with several churches and houses are on the first "level" and the main church is on the very top, up a covered staircase built to help students reach the church for their studies around 1300.

A few hours was sufficant as the town is not big and we had a train back to Cluj at 18:13pm. So after investigating the streets and stopping for lunch we found a bar (SportsBar) at the bottom of the steps leading to the castle town. Price were good for the locally brewed beer and the landlady very friendly, particularly encouraging us to take photos for "good advertisement!" We spent a couple hours there, drinking and talking until it was time to leave. We brought some sort of local brandy at the station, not sure exactly what it was but it was strong as hell (this would later be confiscated by Romanian custom officials on the basis I stupidly tried to board my flight with it and it was over 100ml. I surrendered it as they weren't exactly up for discussing it despite my best efforts and I didn't feel like downing it at 5am. Or ever as a few shots the night before was coming back on me already)

We took the train back to Cluj (which I fortunatly fell asleep for most of the 3 and a half hours!) and returned to the hotel about 22:00pm. Rather long for a day trip but the plan all along was to see castle-towns and the like so why not eh? Gotta try these things. Personally I enjoyed it, beats sitting in a hotel room eating extremely suspect fish 'n' chips!

GeorgeLeach says:
We took the 'rapid' on the way out and the 'intercity' on return: the travelling time differance was intercity was 3 minutes faster, haha! And it cost more. But I've been on slower ones such as Budapest to Ljubljana: 9 hours that took!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
Marius1981 says:
there are many types of trains in romania.
the really slow ones, which you probably took called 'personal' - stop in every little station
the medium ones called 'accelerat' and 'rapid' they only stop in medium sized towns and cities
the fast ones 'intercity' only in cities
and of course the prices differ and the traveling conditions.
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
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