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For God knows how long i've been wanting to go to New York. I've never been a city person, and i had never even travelled beyond my own continent (Europe), but i've wanted to see NY for as long as i can remember. So, me and a friend booked a flight and a hostel, and without much further preparation we packed our bags and went. On July the 27th 2009 we hopped on a British Airways plane, initially from Amsterdam to London Gatwick, and after waiting there for a few hours we got on a BA 777. Destination: NYC.
It was pretty easy getting into Manhattan by subway, and on our first ride we were immediately welcomed by people making music on the subway, which made you immediately get into the multi-culti vibe of the city. After that first ride into Manhattan, we thought finding our hotel would be easy. Numerical streets, numerical avenues, what could be hard about finding your way in a grid, right? Wrong. As soon as we got out of the first subway and got to street level we were uhm, kinda lost, overwelmed by the size of it all. I mean, looking at Google Maps doesn't quite prepare you for actually standing there for the first time in your life! But after walking a few blocks in 3 wrong directions we found the right direction to go, and after a 15 minute walk we got to the YMCA at W63rd street. The YMCA was pretty ok, good value for money, but i'm not going to go too much into the hostel. You can read all about that in the hotel review i wrote.
The first day, or what was left of it, we spent sleeping away a minor jetlag, exploring the nearby streets including a section of central park, and Times Square. There isn't much on the face of this planet that can compare to standing at Times Square for the first time in your life. I mean, putting all those lights together makes even the sun look pretty much like a tiny lightbulb. After that it got dark pretty quickly, so we got into our first fastfood joint of the trip (yeah, i wasn't actually planning on eating there a lot, but most restaurants were pretty darn expensive, and it just sorta happened :P ) and went to bed after that.
Stay tuned for blogs on the other 11 days :)
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New York
photo by: herman_munster