The Griswolds versus the Beverly Hillbillies

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My brother is one of the biggest Dukes of Hazzard fans I know. He has all the series on DVD and even had a friend that laughed like Cotter. He loves the Dukes as much as I loved New Kids on the Block. lol Since mention of this 2 day event to my brother, it has caused arguments over anything and everything from renting of a vehicle to acquiring hotel rooms and who's attending what on which day and who is driving.  My parents have never been to Nashville and they have acted like they always wanted to go but when discussing this matter, there is bickering back and forth. There are 7 of us going; my mother, father, my brother, his girlfriend, me and 2 neices. (a 5 year old & 10 yo) We are now packed, got the mini van and are leaving PA at 5 in the morning. YES, my brother is this anxious to get there. I have never left at 5 in the morning, 6 maybe but never 5am. My mother really didn't want to go but was persuaded by my dad. My dad and the gf don't really like each other and when the neices arrived this evening the 5 year old was bawling that she didn't want to go! So it seems the only one who is excited to go is the 10 year old. Well my brother also. I figure this will be a trip of either the Griswolds or the Beverly Hillbillies or both. All I want to do is eat at my favorite restaurant: Cock of the Walk & get my picture taken with Bo & Daisy Duke. Tom Wopat will not be there since he is on Broadway. This should be quite the adventure. Wish us luck. Please.
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photo by: X_Drive