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We left CPH, snow and the cold on the 25th - fantastic feeling leaving everybody back home to one of the worst winters denmark has ever seen in years - and ended up in BKK on the 26th. We had about 6 hours until our flight to samui was leaving and really didnt wanna go into the city for such a short time period. But the last time I was in BKK aiprort it was for about 18 hours and with no money at all - Ive seen a bit too much of BKK airport and def not a place Id wish to spend 6 more hours in. But on the bright side compared to 18 hours, 6 hours didnt seem that long.

For some odd reason the 6 hours went by pretty quickly - the fact that we were on our way out and not going back home may have had a little thing to do with it - and we were on our way in almost the smallest plane ive ever been in (im not the biggest fan of take off and landings and the smaller the plane is the worse it feels!) but when we got out of the plane and saw the little Tivoli-train awaiting for us to take us to the BEST and cutest airports ive ever seen everything was okay.

We got our luggage, got hassled into taking some bus to Bo Phut - we had to wait 1 hour before it was full and it was 7 pm and we had been travelling for many many hours and we were very very hungry!! But finally we got to our little hotel in Fisherman Village where we were treated like little queens and got our room with a balcony!!! My first balcony!! This may sound a bit wierd but while travelling last time the only thing I wished for was a balcony.. A balcony I could sit and drink a beer or wine and enjoy a cigarette while the sun was on its way down.. But I never got a balcony. So this was a big thing for me! But the balcony, the beer, the wine, the cigarette had to wait cause we were getting really hungry.
. Hungry like I could chew your arm off if you dont give me some food hungry! We went down to the main road and found a restaurant down to the beach. A bit pricey but we were sitting on bean bags enjoying fantastic food, cocktails while listening to the waves and watching Koh Phangan and fireworks. Enjoying life!! Then its okay to pay a bit extra.

Early on the 27th we woke up - we had to get a bit of a tan before we got to Koh Phangan and since we decided to leave Bo Phut for Haad Riin early in the morning we needed every bit of hour with sun we could get! Delicious breakfast at the hotel and straight for the beach. Big mistake big mistake!! Both of us can get really tanned but during the winter like every other Dane we dont see the sun and the same goes for our skin.

So imagine what two fairly pale Danes - with sunscreen on of course we're not THAT stupid - looks like after a couple of hours in the Thai sun. Not a pretty sight. But the day turned out great with locals making a little fun with us and we soothed ourselves with a lot of Chang beer! That always cures a sunburn..

Fisherman Village was a really nice place but major resorts were popping up - they were almost done building a HUGE hotel right down to the beach. But the good thing is that there is no 7/11 and no maccas yet. You still get that island feeling when you walk down the main road.

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Bo Phut
photo by: alpgalip