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Italians are a funny bunch.   If you ask an Italian a question.... he will promptly go into exercise mode.  The arms moving in all directions, the head doing weird bobs, elbows flying ..... how intense.  And all this caused by one short question.  Italians love to gesticulate and sometimes they become so animated it almost looks like some weird abstract dance.  Its definitely fun to watch. 

 In Palermo, unlike northern Italy the people are especially friendly.  My sense of direction is pathetic and sometimes I needed help from the locals.  So if I stopped a Palermian (did I say that right) on the street to ask where something was and they didnt know, they go and pull the next passerby aside and ask him... and before you know it there is a whole crowd of loudly talking wildly gesticulating Italians trying to help you find the correct coffee shop/bus stop/hotel  whatever!  And this scene repeated itself over and over again.  It was actually quite fun to ask for directions.   I love this feeling in all the cafes and everywhere.... its like one big happy family..... The people of Palermo are real and its a privilege to have been a part of it if only for a little while.  I will return to this place someday soon and when I do I hope the people will remain unchanged and just as wonderful and warm and comical as I found them to be this February of 2010.

Tip:  Touring Cafe in the vicinity of Via Napoli  is a really cool place to grab a bite to eat.  A lot of locals hang out here especially for dinner.  Its an informal deli style, bakery, pasta, coffee place.  Check it out if you are in the neighborhood of the four fountains.
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photo by: spocklogic