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And the boring journey continues...

It was a cloudy morning to start with, fortunately without the rain this time round.

After taking a yucky breakfast (again, yes coz boo insisted on filling up the tummy to last us till lunch at least) our first destination was...

TATE MODERN, former power station made into art gallery. Don't ask me why we kept ending up in galleries and musuems coz the damn London book recommended it. Anyway I won't say Tate Modern is an absolute disappointment coz we got to see one of the finest and not to mention weirdest modern art.

Like a big giant spidery thingy outside the building. It was so huge it made me look so small :P

Again, the entrance is FREE except one of the exhibitions held by an artist which you need to pay to see his/her art but. The best free thing there was definitely seeing this with our very own eyes.

Meet Shibboleth

Yes this crack is AN ART created by Colombian artist, Doris Salcedo

Mind the gap.

There have been reports claiming that visitors fell into the crack and I frankly think it's bullshit. If you see a crack on the floor, will you still fucking walk into it? Don't they know how to read the safety precautions written EVERYWHERE? It's just plain stupid how people start to turn your work of art back at you saying that instead of imitating life, it's threatening life. Tsk tsk tsk... *shakes head*

Anyway, those two were the highlights of the place. The rest of the time was spent on looking at arts so "cool" most of them don't make any sense. Like an artist who canned his shit up to represent a "piece" of him -.-

Oh and we had this again for lunch

Stop telling me how fattening this is!

My boss's recommendation was to at least visit a park when I'm in London. Hyde Park, Regent Park etc etc.. and he mentioned that Queen Mary's Rose Garden is a MUST SEE, yes he highlighted MUST SEE so we changed tube lines and walk so loooong to get there.

Looks pretty impressive from outside right?

And then we went in

It was so blank. Where are all the roses he claimed to decorate the place? We dont know whether to laugh or cry. The place was rather blank except for a fountain in the middle of the park...

A lake with some duckies having the time of their lives.

And some man figures I camwhored with

And I raised white flag after a bunch of kids beat me to camwhoring better

And unique artsy piece that I soon got bored of

Oh it was boring... so we decided to get out of there. We walked past neighbourhood with multi colored houses

And posh residence

And hopped onto the double decker bus again to the next destination

where we saw nice fancy restaurants on the way...

Did Prince Charles dine here?

We drove past Hyde Park and was glad we didn't make a stop there coz it was HUGE it'll probably take us another 1 or 2 hours to walk the whole of it.

A few stops later, we found ourselves starring at this magnificient building.

And it's none other than HARRODS, the world's famous department store in London, housing all kinds of famous brands where if you have the $$$$$$$$$ shopping here is heaven

It was so posh inside I swear I could just stand there for hours ogle at endless luxurious items being displayed on the perfectly polished racks. And my colleague even told me that the only place his gf did all her shopping was in Harrods, of all the places in Europe. Pound exchange rate is higher than Euro leh! Sigh.. what to do.. I dont have a set of rich parents to fund for my expensive shopping. Some people are just so... lucky...

Nabeh, jealous kau kau

Everything also expensive.

What's not expensive when you have to fund chandeliars like this in a department store?

And the only thing we ended up buying here is ...

Toffee and titbits (we actually bought it for the cute containers)

Late lunch in Harrods failed, or should I say, not affordable. They said Indian food is a must try in London cause it's simply different than anywhere else in Europe, you know la.. when they put "really spicy" in the menu, it's always "mild" or "super mild" or "NOT spicy at all" for us Asians.

Had Indian food in Munich and it wasn't spicy at all for me so I was kinda reluctant to try Indian food again this time round, but again, advice from my boss that it's a MUST TRY, so I decided to give the "advice" another chance. London Timeout book led us to...

Masala Zone

I love the setting of the restaurant for it gave me the feel of "home"

I was clueless of what to order and I wanted something SPICY SPICY SPICY! They have this indication of spiciness on the menu and of course I picked the one with the most spiciness

I had this soba noodle fried in garlic with chicken and I demanded for EXTRA chili but the woman said they can't do it -.- WTH but never mind la, they gave me extra chili sauce to go with it and a HUGE chili. It was not disappointing for sure for I loved it!

Kinda looked like our local mamak mee goreng huh?

Boo had this, forgot the name of it but the curry tasted good too~

And desserts to follow!

We had one bad experience at the place though. Was that boo lost his handphone, right in front of our very own eyes, without us noticing it. There were 2 guys who came and sat behind us, and boo had his jacket placed on the chair behind him with his handphone in the jacket pocket of course and one of the guys pretended to come over to his friend and both "looked" as if they were discussing the menu. I was sitting facing them and I didn't notice anything wrong with that so of course never suspected anything. And suddenly they put down the menu, grabbed their jackets and stuffs and got out of there, as if they were in a hurry. When boo checked his jacket pockets, the phone was GONE!

The phone he lost? This Nokia 8800 Sirocco. OUCH!

Oh he was down alright. We rushed back to the hotel right after dinner to check IF and MAYBE he accidentally left the phone in the room but to no avail It was gone... just like that....

Not wanting to spoil the rest of the night, we rushed to London Eye hoping for a chance to hop on the gondola. But we were a tad too late. The ticket counter was closed and all we could do was to watch....

I wondered how it'll look like to view the whole city at night.

It's so pretttyyyyy

Shot taken from Westminster Bridge

Big Ben at night...

Yea, we went back there again alright.

What a way to wrap up our day, definitely most "expensive" day in London afterall...

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photo by: ulysses