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Finally.. after weeks of procrastinating, I finally found the time and the “mood” to blog about London. Actually don’t expect much from what I’m about to post coz.. really, I found London......


Hmm, I know some may disagree with me... and perhaps it’s just me.. I’m just boring person, hence the places I visited also very boring :P

Anyway, I don’t want to drown the mood before even starting the post (which I kinda suspect I already have so I shall stop before it gets worse :P)

Well then, despite the fact I've been telling everyone before I go off for my vacation that "The first meal I want to eat in London is Fish & Chips" we ended up with this,

which of course you would have known in my earlier post.

BUT I wasn't about to give up for we hunted up and down for this place quite well known for it's fish & chips, at least to the locals Well if the locals approve of the food, it SHOULD NOT be that bad right? Afterall, this place is called Masters Fish & Chips :P We got off the Waterloo tube station and after walking for like 15-20 mins, we managed to locate this tiny little shop.

The place was very much English, duh, and was quite busy as we stepped in. I gotta say, I feel a little awkward. And although I dont quite like the lightings (yes,I believe lightings of a place pretty much affect the customers' mood) I have to say, the food made it up for what was missing.

For starters we were given French bread while waiting.

Gotta fill up that stomach first yo~

And some cooked COLD prawns, which I only ate one and boo had 5.

Boo has gotta do something bout the cholestrol now

We didn't have to wait long and our food was served in less than 15 mins. I swear, this is the biggest, freshest fish & chips I have had in my life. The fish was certainly very fresh still, even though it's already dinner time (normally by dinner time most things would have not been so fresh) and the fries.... it sure tasted like it's been sliced pieces by pieces by hand and fried fresh just to perfection~

Suddenly, all the trouble we went through to find the place was worth it

After dinner, we went back straight to hotel to get our rest for the next day.


Day 2

Time: 8 something in the morning

Venue : Day's Waterloo hotel breakfast venue

Verdict : Tea sucked, scrambled egg sucked, croissant sucked, sausages sucked. The only nice thing I could stomach was the red beans which I suspect was canned. All in all, English breakfast sucked.

Time : 9 something - 10 something

It rained on our first day of sightseeing, great, "better" impression of London. Luckily we brought a little umbrella along. Again, we braved the pouring rain and strong wind, almost got lost, all the trouble just to make it to...

The British Museum

Ok, I'm not the most boring person in the world. This musuem is a must drop off when you're in London, just like you just have to drop by Vatican City when you're in Rome.

Best of all, it's FREE.

The museum was HUMONGOUS. It was divided to so many sections you won't be able to finish walking in a day if you were to stop at each and every artifact. Believe me, it's like the Disneyland of the GEEKS.

They have countless books displayed on the shelves that you can take out to read yourself silly the whole day there.

The place was so huge that you have to get a map to look at where you are and where you want to go. It consisted of three floors, of each has rooms for different regions all over the globe. You can choose from Asia (China, Japan, India, Burma etc) to South Africa to South/East/West America to ...hell I dont even remember.

What's fun bout this place..

You get to see boobies of ancient artifacts.

Suddenly I dont feel so cold no more looking at what the Eskimos have to wear :P

And they have some pretty scary stuffs too.

Like a giant bird from dunno where...

And things some tribes used to dance with...

Dunno-what-statue-with-many-hands, it could be some god people used to pray to

And what spooked me out the most has definitely gotta be this...

That's a real human skull :S
If you were to stand staring at it for like a minute, you start getting goosebumps all over.

Oh, oh, we came to the part we loved most.


Lots of them

Gee, I wonder if they "stole" them from Egypt :P

No, the half "wrapped" person you see in the pic was not mummified.

A body of mummified woman unwrapped.

And we found the famous Cleopatra here

And met Egypt's greatest warrior, King Ramses the Great

What's so great bout him? He had 200 wives and concubines, 96 sons and 60 daughters. Now beat that :P I know the Emperors from the China dynasty can easily beat that so they're excluded :P

Ok I know this is getting boring.. frankly I am too.. so we "chowed" from the place and went hunting for FOOD.

Time : 1 something in the afternoon, walked "romantically" in the rain, squeezed under a small yellow umbrella

Again, we had a local English dish at this English style "kopitiam"

It's supposedly unique because of the hanging ceiling fan -.- WTF, we have lots of it in kopitiams here la.

And their special main dish is this

Go by the name of Mash and Pie

Definitely a cheap alternative to a super filling lunch. The mashed potato was quite tasteless and I don't know shook how much salt to make it to my liking :P The pie however was special. The filling, I suspect was made from eel, coz their main speciality is eel. But you can't taste much the eel cause it's been grinded to the smallest piece, sort of like minced pork meat.

Time : 2 something

Walked back to where we came from and simply had to pause for........

A phone booth camwhoring session

A good way to advertise for "massage"

We were excited to see Tower Bridge! It was beaaauuuuttiiiful

It was raining so we had to stay for shade under some building to "enjoy" the view of Tower Bridge on a rainy afternoon.

Boo said... some die hard tourist huh :P

Nah, there were more "deader than dead" tourist :P

with a freaking Britain flag umbrella

Tired of walking, we decided to hop on the double decker bus to get to London Bridge.

Some lame pics put together

Ok the bottom right pic was taken in Belgium but I had to make it 4 to create a collage!

NEVERMIND, I told you I'm boring so will we please get on with the post please?

We hopped off the bus at somewhere we thought was close to London bridge and we walked aimlessly again to look for the bridge.

Wah so happy upon seeing this.

And then a great disappointment. Look at how ugly the real London bridge is -.- Compared to Tower bridge, this is really a big shock lor. Don't believe?

Nah, confirmed it's London Bridge

So now you dont have to go so far to see the REAL London Bridge.

Next up is Trafalgar Square.

Very very nice, except the weather has to spoil it all again It was all gloomy and wet

London has nice street lamps.

And I felt so much at home once I saw this.

Just had to go in, just had to go in, for the sake of it, or was it? I think we went in to get some apples for my constipation problem :P alright, I know you don't need to know that :P

Even better surprises inside when we were inside.

Best doughnuts in the world!

And we walked down the road happily with our purchases

While we were happy seeing Big Ben, Big Ben greeted us looking down and moody

Big Ben + House of Parliament

Ouch, some protest in progress...

We walked across the road and greeting us was...

Westminster Abbey

Again, the weather pretty much spoil it all

After all the walking and torturing our poor feet, we decided to call it a day and head home I mean back to hotel to enjoy our doughnuts
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photo by: ulysses