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Pun intended, mind you. Considering the fact that we braved the very very cold crisp air in the morning to make it just in time to catch our plane to London, the customs did not make it easy nor pleasant for my first time there. It was a wrong decision to land in Heathrow airport. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. HEATHROW AIRPORT SUCKS.

I was told by boo that the airport received a lot of terrorist threats which means it’s only fair that they increased and tightened the security in the airport. If they were to tightened the security shouldn’t everyone be treated equally? It was obvious that the customs were racist. Since I do not possess an EU passport, I had to line up in a Non EU line. Holding an EU passport is so much easier as they do not even ask you anything, just stamp/check the passport and there you have it, enjoy your stay in London.

But NO, it was totally different with the Non EU queue. Not only it took so freaking long but they just had to ask to the very detail of everything. The ladies in front of me who were NON EU but they were "ang mohs" were let off without any questions. But if you're of different skin color, they threw lots and lots of questions at you. When it was my turn,

Me : Good morning *flashed a nervous smile cause I didn’t know what to expect or how much they’ll drill me*

Woman : Morning *face sour like sour plum*

Waited while she checked my passport, looked at my face and compared it with my passport photo.

Woman : So what are you here for?

Me : Ermm.. for vacation

Woman : Really? So what are you going to do and where are you planning to go when you’re in London.

Shit, I was not prepared for questions like this. Suddenly my mind went blank.

Me : Well.. just tour around London city.

Woman : And do you have your itinerary of your stay here?

Looking around frantically for boo.

Me : Erm.. I don’t exactly have the itinerary with me…coz it’s with my friend.

Woman : Okaaaayy.. so when is the exact date that you’re going back?

Me : *told her the date*

Woman : Ok, so what bout your return plane ticket? Can I take a look at it?

Me : Oh sure!

Inside, I was thankful that I had brought it along.

Me : This is my return ticket back to Malaysia on this so-and-so date.

Woman : Hmmm.. ok… *flipping through my plane ticket and paused for a while* So you sure you’re going to go back?

Me : Of course!

Woman : You DO know that staying illegally in a foreign country is a crime, do you?

Me : Yes, I'm aware of that.

Again, I was wondering if I should have brought my testimonial letter from my company instead to show her that I have commitments and a job back where I’m from.

Woman : Good. Alright then. You may go now.

Me : *almost breathed a loud sigh of relief* Thank you!

And I walked out the place with my heart still thumping very loud and cold sweat wetting the palms of my hands.

And the worse is still yet to come when I was about to depart from London.
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photo by: ulysses