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It was around 5 something when we turned and parked the car in the parking lot. The patrons were already there to direct the arriving crowd. I hesitated for a while to whether to put on my jacket or to go without it since for sure it was gonna be hot in there. I decided to leave it in the car, convinced it wasn’t going to get chillier than my body can stand. I was wrong... halfway to the entrance, I started to have goosebumps and we had to walk all the way back to the car to get my jacket. :P

The crowd which was already waiting there was more than I expected. There were at least 100 people standing at the entrance, waiting eagerly for the door to open. A group of girls were sitting down, some eating their early dinner and chatting animatedly which each other. I wondered how early they got there. We took our place behind a tall group of people.

At 6 something, people were beginning to crowd the place, standing so close to each other I found it hard to breathe at times. Some irresponsible idiots were taking a puff nearby, making the already congested air around harder to breathe. The sun was beginning to set and the air got chillier as it got darker. We’ve been standing there for almost 2 hours now -.-

Everyone was waiting impatiently for the door to open so we could just rush in to secure a good place. At 7.30pm, someone finally opened the door and crowd pushed from behind, everyone obviously was impatient. And with our luck, we just had to be so “lucky” to be queuing in a slow moving row :S After scanning our ticket, we made our way in, half running. When we got in, we were blur on which way to go, ended up running to the left. There was another person there waiting to check our tickets if we had the right one. Standing stage ticket, yes we were at the right place.

Our place was right in front of the stage.

BUT we did not get to stage right below the stage. Even more kiasu people were already standing there lor we’re like… I think 7th of 8th row at the back already :'(

So, as expected MORE waiting there. MORE STANDING. Worse, we waited beside/behind a bunch of irritating teenagers. They were laughing and making jokes as if they owned the place. Talking in gibberish language (I meant to say Dutch but they were gibberish to me :P) I don’t fucking understanding.

And one of them looked at me and rolled her eyes. What a bitch. Worse they kept pushing us to the back.

A VERY tall couple stood beside us. They were at least, more civilized, no pushing. We were surrounded by more people. Two fat bitches just decided to sit on the floor right behind us. And we’re cramped between the tall couple, teenage bitches and fat bitches.

GREAT. Just nowhere to move. Boo, pushed them off a lil so he could make space for me to sit but I decided to stand together with him. Man, I can’t explain how hard it was to be standing for hours like that! At 8 something we were starting to get pain on our poor feet..

8.30 came and STILL nothing. I was getting impatient. Then they started playing some music and the crowd began to cheer, all must have thought the show would have started already. NO, just some damn music. Then Mika’s Love Today came on. Some started moving a lil, frankly speaking, being a fan of the song (which I also coincidentally put it as my ringtone) it cheered me up a little
And then more music I can’t even bother to remember.

Just like other concerts, some local artist will usually open up the show. The same goes for this. I have no idea who this band is but the lead singer was incredibly =_= I really have no words for her lor.

Just look at her freaking blinking outfit. The uncombed hair and perhaps flat ballet shoes. She sang rock songs and the music was noise pollution to my ears. I had no idea what she was singing at all. Worst opening act ever I’d say (not like I’ve been to a lot of concerts before).

At this point, we’ve already been standing and waiting for almost 4 hours now. My feet were burning with pain that I turned to boo and said, ‘Let’s give up, I don’t want to see her no more. I just want to go home”
He was sympathized but he urged me to wait a little longer.

I really really almost gave up when the lights finally came on. The crowd cheered. My hopes were high. Spotlights shoned on the stage. The music started and she came on!

Gwen opened her concert with Sweet Escape, only without Akon. I loved her appearance on the stage. She appeared behind some bars, started singing and stepped out from there as she continued singing. She rocked the audience the moment she sang. My mouth was wide open and my eyes strained to really look at her. I can’t believe that Gwen Stefani in front of me. I gapped. I shouted my lungs out.

The crowd in front of us got excited everyone started throwing their hands in the air. I realized being Asian is not to my advantage at that time. I was too short I can’t fucking see a thing when everyone was jumping with their hands up in the air! I tried to tiptoe but it doesn’t help much. I thought I’m having the worse time ever when this guy saw the look on my face and urged me to go in front of him so I could get a better view. I hesitated at first but thinking that if I don’t take his offer, I might ended up not enjoying the show. The tall couple beside us too asked us to go in front of them. So I stepped forward in front, taking boo’s hand. I looked at him and make a face as if to plead to him to let boo stand with me. Thank god they understood. Bless them! There ARE still good and unselfish people afterall! I can’t thank them enough.

And we managed to get a short clip on Sweet Escape.

The next song she sang was Rich Girl

And bless boo for being the cameraman/videoman that night while I enjoyed the concert!

Here's a short clip of her Rich Girl.

When 4 in the morning came on, I sang along with her as loud as I can. I so so dig that song it touched me so much when she sang it. You can say I was pretty much the happiest girl alive that night. She put so much effort into her songs.

You'll know when you watch this clip!

So in touch with her songs

So emotional

Sang until stomachache, ok pun intended but you get what I mean

And we really enjoyed the rest of the show. I was mesmerized by Gwen’s beauty. She was perfect. Her toned muscular legs, I can’t help but to wish for legs like that!

And her abs, they looked rock hard. What you see if what you get. If I’d never know bout her kid, I’d never thought she had given birth.

Another thing to note for in the concert was definitely her outfit. Although the outfits were not as FANCY as I had hoped, I still have to give her credits for it.

Cute isn't it?

Another point to note is definitely her dancers. She has the best dancers ever in my opinion. Her Harajuku dancers were so pweeettttyy too! They had some pretty funky outfit.

I love the one second from the right, she's definitely HOT HOT HOT she almost stole the limelight from Gwen coz she's always smiling.

Other songs she performed that night were Rich Girl, Cool, Hollaback Girl, Now That You’ve Got It, What You Waiting For, Wind It Up, and one or two others I’ve never listened before :P

'Cool' clip

In the beginning, boo was skeptical bout the concert. He was convinced that this could not beat Justin Timberlake's concert he'd seen but at the end of the concert, he had no bad comments at all, all he commented was, 'Let's say this is another different type of performance.'

Yes, all in all, Gwen shone that night. No doubt, she was a great performer. She connects with the audience and she made us cheered our lungs out. She made me regret my decision to almost quit on her the moment she appeared. She ran to the crowd on the floor along the railing separating the standing crowd and the sitting crowd, stood and sang on the railing, making the crowd loving her even more every single minute.

She was GOD that night.

Introducing and giving credits to her dancers.

She looked superbly sweet in this pic :X

Last but not least, the crowd had a pleasant surprise when she brought out her son, Kingston to say hi to the crowd! Gwen said it's her first time bringing her baby to the stage... awwww! The images were a bit shaky coz the baby kept moving and turning but he was cute and friendly alright. Seeing the crowd cheering at him, he even turned and waved to the crowd, that's so cute!

Wonder how life will be for him to have such famous mum

The show ended around 11.40 and by the time we pushed our way out, it was already almost 12 and our legs were so incredibly tired to the max. It was tiring, even more tiring for boo who still had to drive like almost 2 hours back home but it was definitely worth it, well at least for me

I can't thank boo enough for giving me the best first time concert experience and also probably one of the best times of my life.

As for Gwen, she'd gotten herself a new die hard fan that night :X Love you long long time.

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photo by: skydiver