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The visit to Amsterdam was in fact very rush. It took about one hour drive to get there from where we stayed. By the time we got to Amsterdam and found a perfect parking spot, it was already a little past noon and there were soooo much to see and do.

The highlight of the day was Anne Frank’s house. I mean this is my second time there and I have yet to see the home of the girl who had touched the world with the words in her diary. If you don’t know who Anne Frank was, check it out here

There were a lot a lot of tourists in Amsterdam that day. The streets were so crowded that it was impossible to walk without someone bumping into somebody. So basically someone HAD to bump into somebody :P

Beware of bumping into people especially when you're holding your lunch while walking :P
I missed the god damn fat fries with the nicest mayo they sell on the streets

We heard that the queue to Anne Frank’s house was gonna be long so we called up the center which I had gotten from the internet to check the availability. The woman was kind enough to advice us to get the tickets from other shops to avoid the long queue. We found that other shops like money changer and tourist information centre do actually sell tickets to the main attractions like for example Anne Frank’s house in this case and others like Madame Tussauds. And so we happily purchased our tickets from outside to avoid the long queue at the place itself

Theme park in the middle of the city itself.

And how could I resist not taking pictures

Get your tulips seeds from here

Do you see what I see? It was a marvelous discovery considering the day was pretty cloudy and it looked as if it's going to rain anytime

As we walked along the famous busy street of Amsterdam, we passed the Sex Museum!
Ok, it was an uninvited invitation coz just so happened we came across it and it was kinda cheap too (only bout 3 euros) so why not pay it a visit since we’re there anyway

Come let's go in!

The sex museum in Amsterdam was a lot different compared to the Erotic Museum in Berlin, Germany. Frankly speaking, I prefer the one in Amsterdam better as the museum potrays a funnier concept, concentrating more on making sex look more "interesting" and more "exposure" rather than telling the whole history of it :P

The very first thing that greeted me when I first stepped into the musuem was this

Saddistic S&M? :S

Matahari, the famous exotic Oriental style dancer

It offers a lot more funnier and funkier stuffs like...

Funky cakes

Boobs cake

Vagina cake

Penis cake

I have no idea what this is no matter how hard I looked :P

Funky toilet seats

I'm very speechless when it comes to this :S

Nice place for you to rest even
They have these seats in between of 2 huge penises for you to rest on and in front of you a tv playing the 60s or 70s black and white porno movie :P

Anyone wants a preview of some sexy peeps?

And TH, I know if you're reading this, you're gonna love this collection of "nakedness" that I especially took for you :P

Naked butt

Naked ermm..half body parts?

And last but not least....

Your naked chic SKINNY category!

Love it? :P
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