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Thanks all for those who wished me Happy Birthday The comments, sms-es, emails… I really appreciate it. I feel bad for not remembering some of your birthdays and you remembered mine * paiseh * but I hope my friendship is enough to make it up :P

Anyway, there are so many pending things that I can’t wait to blog about. I can officially say that my holiday is ending and I will be flying back in another 2 days sucks but can’t help it. No matter how many times I wished I could turn back time or prolong the hours it’s just not happening. Why do all good things come to an end?

I’ve been trying to organize that gazillion pictures we took in Gwen’s concert. Uploading the pics is taking like forever, not to mention I could not resize the files because there was no software to do that in boo’s laptop moreover, Windows Vista sucks! And not to mention the unstable wireless connection that keeps disconnecting now and then.

There is one thing, however, that I can blog about though. I bet this post will fill you up for some time after reading it :P

Remember there was once when everyone forwarded this out?

Looks familiar?

The insanely supersized meals that had you wondering if it’s for real or it’s just some too-free-nothing-to-do person’s work of art?

With burgers bigger than your face.

To go with beer that will fill you up without even eating and have you visiting the bathroom at least a couple of times at night.

Or the biggest fillet you’ve ever seen, bigger than the big plate itself?

Zeek forwarded me the mail and he asked if I might somehow try to find out the truth behind all this. If this supersized meals indeed, do exist.

With the power of Google, nothing is unobtainable, not the address of this place at least. Waldgeist, or translated as “The Forest Spirit” (god knows why they name the place like that) indeed DO exist. Located in Hofheim, a place like 20 minutes out from Frankfurt, the place was NOT hard to locate, IF AND ONLY IF you have GPS. If you don’t, god bless you. It’s pretty out of the way from the city and lots of small roads leading to it. For a while, we thought we were lost but after some wrong turnings, we managed to locate the place.

They have indoor and outdoor dining, whichever you prefer. Sitting outdoor was not an option for someone who’s afraid of cold, like me :P

I will need lots of hot drinks to warm me up

So we opted for indoor dining. It’s hard being a foreigner in countries where you don’t speak their language They asked stuffs in German and I had to look hopelessly at boo for help each time. Like I’m void or something, if you get what I mean. Happily boo is able to converse a little in German, which made our stay in Germany easier.

To make matters worse, the fucking menu was in German too =_=”
Yes WTF. I had no idea what I was reading and with his limited German vocab, boo tried to decipher the menu for me the best he could. Wah lau.. talk bout wanting to try exotic meals huh?

Boo wanted to go to the extreme and challenged me to take the biggest portion of the chicken I ordered. They have quarter, half and one whole big portion. He said since we drove all the way there anyway so why not try the extreme since we’re probably never going back there again anyway? But I damn kiasu la, I did not try the biggest portion but took the half instead.

I'm actually very glad I did. I cant imagine another portion of this portion :S Looking at it itself is making me full.

My chicken was a chicken compared to boo’s portion of beef. He ordered the 1.2kg STEAK! I am not kidding. 1.2kg of BEEF. That’ll probably make my 3 days meals!!!

We both looked at his piece of meat with eyes so huge they almost popped out of their sockets.

After starving ourselves just to save our stomachs for this meal, we began to dig in. We ate and ate and ate. Cutting each piece of meat carefully before chewing on it. And we ate for awhile, only to find the progress was not going well. No matter how much we tried to eat, the amount was not diminishing, in fact the progress was soooooo slow that we sighed in relief as we downed each piece of meat.

After a while, this was all I had left. I decided not to torture my stomach further.

And boo's progress with his steak.

We asked for wrapper to wrap the meat to take home :P Why waste?

We were lucky we got to the place early coz by 6, the place was almost filled up with people. Not your average size of people, mind you, but majoriy big sized people. :S Perhaps ít's the only place that really fill them up for good and make their money worth.

And the day after that, we reheat the meat and complete the meal with mashed potatoes and spinach

Oh well then, this wraps up my special food experience of the year. Last year's was in Germany where we dined in COMPLETE darkness.

Bring on the challenge, my bloated tummy says :P
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