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October Fest was one extraordinary event that I had witnessed in Munich. Held in Theresienwiese (Therese’s Meadow) every year, this event never fails to attract thousands, yes maybe milltions of people all over the world, flocking together to experience an experience of a lifetime, if you can term it as such

This year's October Fest logo.

The whole Munich was full of October Fest galore and since this event is so commercialized, even the souvenirs were marked at remarkably high prices that it’s really ridiculous. A very simple fridge magnet cost 4 freaking euros! And that’s like 20 ringgit equivalent :S enough to feed me for lunch for a week. Yes, everything was damn pricey :S

I only manage to capture pictures of the sourvenirs from the window shop

Oh well, boo said it’s something to see and experience at least once in your life so I thought why not? We only live once don’t we?

We only went to October Fest on the third day we were there. Before that I had been intrigued with the traditional costumes that folks wore I even shot a few pics of it.

Boo said I do not have to get all excited over it and that I could see A LOT of it when I’m there. He was right. They were everywhere.

We took the train to the place. It wasn't hard as the stop is named after the place. We went like around 4-5pm and we already had a taste of the festival before we boarded the train. It was FULL of people heading towards that way, people dressing up in their fancy traditional costumes. It was kinda funny to see them walking on the streets like that amongst the normally dressed people. However it was a total different thing when you get there, you're the odd one out if you don't wear traditional costumes :S

After we got off the train we were clueless of where to head, right or left after exiting the stop.

'Follow the crowd' boo said and so we did. As we neared the destination, we heard voices and noises. 'Well now I guess follow the noise!' boo exclaimed and I just gleamed happily as we walked towards the noise clutching our hands tightly together.

I couldn't wait to see the real thing!

At first it looked like a normal amusement park site. The place was full of people from all walks of life, young and old, ang mohs to asians (though not that many :P) Kids were happily dragging their parents to their favorite rides. The adults were busy well, if they're not eating or catching up with friends, they're either busy buying sourvenirs or drinking beer lor.

I have to say, most Germans I saw were quite good looking, even the ones selling sourvenirs hoho :P

A carousel of beer bar and it really spins!

Food is not a concern, they're in every corner.

As I "aaahhhss" and "oooohhhhssss" my way through the crowd boo said that that's not all, there were more to come. So he led me to the other side of the ground and there we found,


Now this is where the real party's at. We entered the first beer hall we saw as I was too eager. Inside was amazing. The hall was nicely decorated and completely crowded! Yes, it was so crowded that it was impossible to walk without bumping into other people :S

See? So full that people even have to sit like this.

We still want to be part of the gang regardless of where we have to sit!

The music was playing and the crowd sang along to the music. Everyone was feeling happy and jovial. There was a drunk guy who even stop in front of us, held boo's shoulder and sang him a few lines before walking away, drunk. It was funny in a way. People do get extra friendly when they're drunk huh?

The waistresses were busy serving food and beers to the forever demanding crowd. Beers were flowing as if they were free, ovens and stoves working non stop to the max.

For a quick cheap eat, you can opt for bagels.

Yet in another beer halls. The decorations differ from one beer hall to another.

We looked around trying to find a place to crash but with the amount of people flocking the place, it was IMPOSSIBLE. Unless you want to stand there whole day waiting or hoping for people to leave, well FAT chance. At least I don't see it coming anytime soon at the time we were there.

So what we did next was to get FOOD.

It's not a fest without the dogs

Dogs this long

After eating we were thirsty for some beer

And we continued walking hoping to find a place to crash until we saw this

Die hard Oct Fest fan

We found a nice place to stop and to get more things to eat. How can we be full just by eating that long dog thingy wor? At least not for boo :P I wouldn't call the place a beer hall, in fact I think it wasn't. It was just a place to have decent food and of course you may also order beers as big as the ones found in the beer halls too.

First order

Not enough

So second order

I love this.. it's not sauerkraut.. dont know what it's called. It had vinegar in it and it's sour!

Boo said this is one of the local food they have there but I forgot what it's made of. Feels like a thick ball of corn flour and pretty tasteless too :P

Double dose of beer anyone?

Halfway through half the mug later I was getting a little tipsy :S :S :S Boo offered to finish up the rest of my beer and suggested I tried weissbeer.

It was nice~~~

I got drunker and drunker :P My face started to flush with redness and my whole body was heating up. I'm sure I could have been the perfect candidate for a human bacon :P
We had a good time eating, laughing and just being silly. A man was playing some German songs in the front but we couldn't care less. A man with his partner on the opposite table saw us and toasted with us. He was friendly alright. Even helped to take a picture of boo and me, heh. Big gulp of beer one after another.

Oh yea, I was drunk alright :P

It was getting dark and it was starting to get cold so we decided to call it a night. I couldn't even stand still while waiting for boo outside the restroom, dont know if it's the alcohol effect :S

We saw more sourvenirs

And boo got me this!

together with a beer mug but no pic of it

The place was litted brightly with lights of all colors imaginable.

It felt happy just to be among the crowd, to be part of all this. Perhaps it was the alcohol taking effect but then again I wouldnt know for sure would I? :P

We came across men blowing each other I mean long pipes.

Took a short video of it. Just to give you an idea of how long the pipes were.

That night, everything was spinning alright.

Yes, I got drunk that night, shame on me.. on just maybe 1 litre of beer or a little more than that. :P

Yet, it was something worth experiencing.

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photo by: AleksandraEa