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I thought of starting off the trip entries with the boring-est post.

There isn’t much to say about Frankfurt as we only spent a night there. I touched down in Frankfurt only like 7pm in the evening and I was too tired for sightseeing. We were going to drive down to Munich the day after and so boo booked a hotel right in the city of Frankfurt.

Now when it comes to traveling both of us sort of prefer a “proper” place to sleep at night. we prefer privacy rather than sharing a room with a few other travelers so obviously we’re not the hostel kind of people. And that is why I absolutely adore this Manhattan Hotel.

It certainly doesnt look that good from outside but the interior was very nice. The design is very much Manhattan style, my guess, it'll probably cater more to those on business trips.

They even have these in the room.

I'm from Manhattan and I feel sooo much at home!!~~ (no I'm not)

And the layout of the furnitures proved it all.

Boo said he didn't realise that the hotel is located near the red light district in the city until he drove around locating the place.(he booked it online) Which explains why the bathroom is like this...

But it's kinda spooky when you tried to pee under red light :P

We went out to venture into the city the next morning. Frankly, there wasn't much to see or do. It was early in the morning and the weather was a little cloudy with not too many people on the streets. The so called "red light district" of the place was like a few streets away. It was impossible to miss it when you see signs like this everywhere. Now that I think about it, almost every city has their very own red light district, no?

As we walked down the street, we came across where there's a big possiblity that hookers come here to shop for their shoes :P

Get your striptease/pole dancing shoes here!

Tired of venturing into too many red light districts (one of my colleagues had been asking me why I visited so many erotic museum during my last trip and I wasn't about to repeat that again) so! took a stroll down the park. In the midst of the chilly morning cold, there were actually people who were jogging in the park in mini shorts -.- and there I was wrapping myself up like a dumpling :S

The best thing was when you speak you can produce this *smoke* effect thingy from your mouth! Ok la, I'm such a monkey and I got all excited when I see it coming out from my mouth and I asked boo to take picture of it :P He was like -.- but he did anyway.

But no matter how we tried we can't capture it

Moi on an unused railway.

The train station is just across the street.

Sad to say, that's all about it that we saw in Frankfurt I'm sure that's more but we only had a morning there as we need to checkout and drive all the way down to Munich.


The drive to Munich took about 3 hours (if I remember correctly) but we took longer to reach there because of the jams and lost our way once or twice :P

My first impression on Munich was that the place is oooollllldddddd. I dont think I'll go there if it's not for the October Fest and well..some other thing I wanted to see there.

The downside bout going to Munich during the October Fest period is definitely the prices of the hotel. They charge impossibly high prices for everything! From the hotels to food to sourveniors -.- The advice is to pre book, preferbly one year in advance for the hotel. Hey, that's what the Lonely Planet book says! And I believe it so coz by the time boo started looking for a place to stay, almost everywhere was fully booked. Only the expensive ones are left :S

And our super expensive small but comfy hotel room that I almost scolded boo crazy for booking it....

I can't stop "Wah-ing" as soon as I got into the room. The deco very nice can! Is this what you called Victorian style bedroom?

And this is what you see when you lie on the bed. I was hoping they fix a mirror there instead :P

The view outside the window

The desk but I doubt I'll be working much from here


Superbly mini toilet. I wonder how the angmohs can shower in the super small shower room lor. Even a dwarf like me keep bumping my elbow on the walls when I tried to shower :S

And not forgetting the soft, springy, comfy bed with clean sheets

I feel so "bo liau" that I needed to camwhore in the room.
Thinking of how should I pose...

This is too normal

The Londoners said "Mind the Gap" I said "Mind the Thighs!"

And I ended up with this...

Talk about being creative huh? :P

Alright, let's take a peek of how Munich city looks like. As I've mentioned before, Munich itself is a very very old city, but then again which place in Europe IS NOT OLD?

This is

Marienplatz, the heart and soul of Munich, meaning the city center la. This is the place where the city town hall, museum, shopping streets, food market et cetera et cetera are located.

This is Mariensaule (Mary Column) erected in 1638 to celebrate the removal of Swedish forces.

At the top is the golden figure of, well, non other than the Virgin Mary herself, believed to be carved in 1590 and perhaps they plated her with gold later? :P

Another attraction in the square is the Neues Rathaus, it's easier to go with the name the New Town Hall. The design of the architecture of this building is simply incredible, as if each and every part of it carved in greatest detail.

Each and everyday, this building attracts hundreds of visitors who either happened to drop by the place or purposely go ALL the way there to the place (like us) to watch a special "performance" which springs to action at exactly 11am and noon.

Having read bout the special "performance" I made it a point to drag boo all the way to the square to wait for it. We reached the place earlier so that we can secure a good spot to watch the performance. Hehe, I know.. so kiasu :P Anyway, after waiting like what seemed forever under the hot sun, yes the sun was shining brightly (man, it's a HOT autumn to start with) the clock finally stroke 11. Everyone who was waiting impatiently there started to gear up for the performance. Cameras, handphones, digi cam and whatever means of device you can use to record, all ready for action.

This is Glockenspiel, the supposedly figurines expected to spring into action when the clock strikes 11.

The performance is about a knight's tournament held to celebrate a royal marriage. Of course I would't know if it had not been for the Lonely Planet book :P

So I was at the part where everyone got ready to record the 10 minutes performance. 11 dings and dangs later, the figurines started to move. It moved in a circle. All of us looked up, dumbfounded. It just moved, no music, NOTHING.

The first thing boo said, "Mm hai ma? This is ALL?"

I looked at him with an innocent face as if telling him "Please dont kill me"

We watched a little longer, hoping for the better but NO, the figures just moved in circles. Of course it had things like knights fighting, then some dancing action but that was about it.

WTF -.- Got cheated big time la. Don't know why is everyone making such a big deal over it. It was even recommended in the pocket guide for Munich. So in case you're planning to hop on the next plane to Munich, DON'T make it an effort to drop by there on purpose lor. It's nice to be looking at it for a couple of minutes IF you happened to drop by the place, no biggie deal ^_^

And some random pics

We were looking for this fish fountain believed to "bless" you if you dip your empty purse into it on Ash Wednesday, it will always be full. Looked and looked and the first fountain we found was this.

Err where's the fish? This certainly don't look like anything that will make you rich :P

Hence the thumbs down sign.

Then we walked further and wa la!

The real fish fountain

Kesian the other one kena curse kau kau :P

Then having nothing left to do, we ventured to the Deutsche museum (correct me if the spelling is wrong). This museum is said to be the largest science and technology museum in the world.

Say hi to the Lightbulb man.

Well I have to say it might be true. We found ourselves looking at every possible great machines (and some of its evolution) human have created over the last decade.

From ships

to rooms of dunno what engines :P

to space capsule

to missile

to heli

to rocket

to bo liau human (the telescope is as long as both my arms stretched apart what!)

This if I am not wrong, the first xray setup.

And satellite?

First newspaper printing machine

Making clothes had never been more tedious

Happily we're smart enough to come out with this

After a while it became boring. Not like we're some nerdy/geeky engineers looking to readup on some extra knowledge so we decided to call it a quit and took a stroll outside the museum.

Decipher this

To me, it's like a warrior who had won the battle, scoring himself the prettiest woman and taming the king of beast :P

Yea, welcome to Max-Joseph-Platz.

This is the Residenz, a huge palace that housed Bavarian rulers for decades.

Apparently you have to pay to go in so we skipped it :P

Can't resist the temptation to camwhore in the garden.

Last but not least, we found statues like this along the street and lots of people ran all the way just to touch the shield of the lion. Boo and I were clueless of what these crazy bunch of people were doing but if everyone is doing it, there gotta be something good in it right? So we joined in the fun to rub and touch the shield, completely unaware of what it's supposed to bring.

I just checked, quoted from the Lonely Planet,

"Touching one of the lions' shield is said to bring you wealth"

So if I touch all of them, will that mean my wealth will double, triple, quadruple?

Luckily not the kind of statue that will bless you with many many kids -.-

Can't believe it's been a long entry. Sorry la, Frankfurt was just too short so I combined with Munich.
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photo by: AleksandraEa