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I’m sad. Publishing this post will mark the end of my Germany trip post, which I don’t think I’ll be going again for a long long time, or ever again in my life. With this post, I can officially say that I’ve seen most of Germany, well at least the famous parts anyway.

I’ve seen Berlin way up in the north, covered a piece of the quaint Hamburg, and during the latest trip I’ve traveled part of the Romantic Road, got very close to Germany’s nature, seen the Bavarian Alps all the way down south, experience the real October Fest, seen Munich and a little of Frankfurt. I’m keeping this post to blog only at the end of the Germany trip because I loved the place so much and I wanted it to be a special post. Well at least it was special to me cause I’ve been wanting to see this place like for some time already.

The nice sunny weather that accompanied us all the way to the destination was a blessing that day. We could have taken a very early morning train there, like 5.45am for the first train but thought it’ll be a pain to get up so early in the morning so we decided to take the car instead. Plus, the train ticket wasn’t that cheap either and not to mention there is no need to rush to catch the train back later in case we got caught up there. We estimated to spend almost the whole day there. Yes, I know, driving again. God knows how much boo have spent only on gas for the entire trip :S

The drive from Munich to Schwangau took about an hour plus. Having read about The Romantic Road, which was quoted as "one of the most scenically beautiful but also one of the most overrun attractions in Germany", I certainly do not want to miss this opportunity but of course I did not travel the whole stretch of the Romantic Road. It’s freaking long ok!

We didn’t know we were on the path until we saw roadsigns for it. Until we drove across cute little towns like this

I swear it was prettier than it looked in the pictures. It was like a tiny toon town where everyone leads a perfect life, men handsomely suited up in their best suit leaving for work every morning with wives bidding goodbyes on the doorstep holding their perfect little babies. Then the wives will proceed to doing the household chores dressed in their best with the tv on and their perfect little kids playing in the playpen nearby. Yes, like The Stepford Wives where perfect life is achievable there! You get the drift.

As we continued our journey, the scenery was just beautiful. It was your typical countryside view. I kept saying "I want to run barefeet across the green fields!" I do, I really do mean it. The fields were inviting alright.

Do you see what I see in the background of this pic?

After a while, watching little houses in the fields became a little boring. So I turned to animals :P I was hoping to see FAT little sheeps but instead all I saw were cows and horses running free on the fields.

As we got to the foot of the mountain I shouted in excitement. We finally saw what we came here for.

The Neuschwanstein Castle aka Fairytale Castle. It was said that those fairytale castles you see in Disneyland were built based on this castle. We stopped and zoomed in to the castle from far. Hmm.. not a bad zoom for a digital camera eh :P

There were lots of pumpkins nearby, and no one was there so I wondered if the pumpkins were for sale. Nevertheless, camwhoring with pumpkins had never felt this good :P

At the background was the Bavarian Alps. Getting to the mountains will make you so much closer to the Austrian border.

Done camwhoring, drove the car to the parking lot which was at the foot of the mountain and starting to look for the ticket counter. Along the saw we saw a lot of gorgeous cute buildings which were actually restaurants and sourvenir shops.

We bought tickets to visit both castles for 17 euros each with English guided tour. The tours were scheduled on different time and each group was given a number which will be called when the time comes.

We had ice cream while waiting

Jagerhaus reminds me of Jughead's (if you read Archie's comics) house :P

There are 2 castles in the village of Schwangau, one built by King Maximillian and another by his son, King Ludwig II.

This is Hohenschwangau Castle, a childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, built by King Maximillian where King Ludwig II spent most of his summer holidays here.

Fountain at the entrance

Another fountain in the so-called garden

Our guided tour started in this castle, which took like about 30 mins or so. We were not allowed to take any pics in the castle so, sorry no pics. Inside, we saw how the king and queen used to live, or at least what's left of it. If there's one thing I remembered bout the castle, it was the beautiful chandeliars they have hanging on the ceilings!

The castle itself

This is the kitchen of the castle. It is a separate building itself, not attached to the castle. Today, the kitchen had been converted into a sourvenir shop

A little peek on how the kitchen looked like

The chapel of the castle was located near the foothill where the castle was built.

Moi inside

A breathtaking view of the Alpsee lake, taken from inside the castle. Beautiful, isn't it?

After the castle tour, we had a buffer of 1 and a half hour waiting time to kill before the next castle tour so we decided to walk down to the lake to really see it for ourselves. And we were not disappointed. The following pictures say more than what I can describe.

The Alps have never been this close

We wanted to go canoeing in the lake but there wasn't enough time for it takes an estimate of 40 mins to walk up to the other castle :S (according to the map we got with the tickets)

They have horses to take you up to the castle for 5 euros

Cute flagpole?

We had this for lunch, food is so expensive there -.-

Walking up to the castle is a chore :S The roads were VERY steep it felt like we're going hiking, only with more things like jacket and shawl :S

Restaurant along the way..

The castle looked so near yet so far...

More pic :P

Claiming 40 mins to walk up to the castle is a bit overated la, think we took onlny like 30 mins to walk up, taking our own sweet time summore. And that's after a lot of pauses in between to make way for incoming horse carriages and avoid from stepping on horse shit.

And we're finally there! THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS JOURNEY

It was E.N.O.R.M.O.U.S!

Still have to walk to the side to get to the entrance.

The grand entrance

The tower

There were so many people there that it was hard to find a good spot to take pictures :S

We still have to wait for our numbers to be called. Look at the SEA of people here.

I love this pic!

10 or 15 mins of waiting time and our number was called. We lined up and were taken into yet another castle tour. Again, no pictures

Neuschwanstein castle was MUCH MUCH nicer and more luxurious compared to the earlier castle. Again, no pics allowed inside the castle but I took the opportunity to at least snap one pic before we got out from the place.

'Hurry! The guide is waiting outside! Dont make it too obvious!'

'Ok ok' *quick quick snap*


Walking out from the castle, we were exhausted from all the walking and standing but there was yet another place to go before we call it a day. It's the best place to capture the whole of Neuschwanstein from here.

It's so high up it's so SCARY~~

My legs went all jelly-ish as I looked down

See what I told you bout capturing a good pic from here?

We spent some quality time at the bridge taking in the spectacular view, something which we'll probably find in other places. It was no doubt, beyond what words can describe.

As we walked away from the bridge, I turned my head to get one last look of the castle, one of the seven wonders in the world.

And before our feet gave up on us, we took the horse carriage all the way down for 2.50 euros.

Until today, I still reminisce of the picture perfect sceneries that I'll never see again. I can't believe I was there to really see it with my own eyes. Vision, is indeed one of God's greatest gift.

I hope you've had fun reading as much as I've enjoyed and had fun writing this post. This wraps up Germany. Hopefully I'll get around to posting bout London soon
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photo by: AleksandraEa