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We weren’t satisfied with the fact that we did not get a lot of nice pictures during the tour in the second day so we went back (yes we went through all the trouble to get to the city again) the next day. This time, we really took our own sweet time walking and enjoying everything. We hop off at the station Hackescher Markt and found a morning market, well it was a Sunday after all.

Sunday market

Information screen at the train station

Cute mural on the wall

Train station where we got off

The rest of the entry, I believe, will be better explained with pictures.
Afterall, a picture says a thousand words, no?


Berlin Dome

The magnificient sculpture on the ceiling

National museum

I still love autumn

Oh there was a demonstration on the streets near the Berlin Dome. There were a lot of people parading down the streets with flags on their hands, cars with loud speakers shouting in German and lots of police on duty that day too. We wondered what the demonstration for so we stopped a participant and asked him bout it.

Apparently the demonstration was to go against the current government policies right now to create better rules and to appeal for more money and better social treatment for the poorer people. Well guess the Germans aren’t satisfied now. The most amazing fact was there were about 1 million people that took part in the demonstration that day!

The bridge where Hitler was believed to have fallen into the river and then saved by 3 teenagers when he had gotten drunk ... not sure if it was meant as a joke or if it's really true :P

Humboldt University, one of the most pretigious uni


I think it's an opera house? @_@

Take a break.. have a...

Turkish doner

Turkish pizza :S i know! tell me about it :S

This is the hotel where Michael Jackson danggled his kid!

Brandenburger Tor

New goverment quarter

We can actually go up to the Dome and have a magnificient view of Berlin but the queue was so fucking long and we will have to wait at least an hour to be able to get inside! :S so we passed....


Here's a figure how much a Ferrari cost

Newly built train station and the surrounding

Roadside bratwurst no i didn't eat this one :P

Inside view

We were really really tired of walking at this point that we decided to take a break and go catch a movie :P
Most cinemas in Germany dubbed the language into German and we didn't want to sit through a movie with people talking in language we dont understand. The only place where you can actually catch international movies WITH the ORIGINAL languague is here

The Sony Centre

Great roof design

The building was soooo cool

We watched ...ermmm..uuuhhh...aaahh... ooohh.. hmmm.. shit.. I really forgot the title of the show we watched but the show was about swim rescue team starring Kevin Costner and Aston Kutcher. Was better than I thought

**** updates****
With so many ppl sending me msgs.. yes now I know the movie title is called "The Guardian" hehe
thanks to those who took the effort to tell me

And we had dinner in Berlin's own Marche but I think I prefer the one in Singapore better.

Late night snacks anyone?

And that was the last I've seen of Berlin. And that very night was also the night when I discovered that I lost my digital camera but it was already too late as I was already in the train going back to the hotel oh well.. happily I did not take too many photos with it.

Berlin is such a beautiful place, yes and I will definitely miss it very much. On a second thought, I really wouldn't mind going back there someday again
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photo by: CFD