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Day 2 started with a filling European breakfast in the hotel. For a 4 star hotel, I would say the service and the facilities provided were great and satisfactory.

We went back to Kurfurstendam where we were yesterday for the Erotic Museum tour that we missed out the night before.

Waiting for the bus. It was drizzling

Please do not proceed if you're under the legal age to watch porn, is it like 16 or 18? The following pictures might be too obscene for certain people so please proceed at your own risk

It was a WET day that day

The ticket price was 5 euros and there were a lot of old men there :S

Basically the museum showed exhibits on sexual positions like drawings and antiques like books, cups, monuments and tools carved with all sorts of positions dated all the way back to when the Japanese and Chinese “created” most of them.

Here we are!

Arts and exhibits of sex positions.. what an eye opener really.. can you believe that most of them came from Chinese and Japanese? Man I'm a proud to be a Chinese LOL

Naked chic! Thats the late Marilyn Monroe

Muahahaa... longest hard-on ever! Nice going pal!

And we saw the infamous Bad Taste bears!

This is the woman that brought in the storm of sex revolution. Fucking rich now.

"Sexy" looking chair don't you think? Perhaps way better to do it here than on a recliner?

Really nice piece of art

Is it trying to tell people that the Africans have bigger ones? Duh... Isn't it a known fact?

The corset revolution

Many kinds of penis-esssss

Oh what huge penis you have!!!

Oh what a long shaft you have!!!

And wait a minute... what a HUGE......

BALLS you have! Bigger and "gold-er" than my head!!!

Ok enough.. save the S&M pics for later maybe? :P

Then we went off to have lunch.

For lunch, again we had none other than…

BRATWURST with sauerkraut!


To be honest, the sausage tasted a little like our Chinese sausage, only nicer :P

This is with ham filling

The diner

After the tour we decided to join a 4 hour Berlin sightseeing walking tour. It costed about 10 euros per person and thought it was cheap and a good deal since it covered quite a lot of places. The tour was rather casual. There was no need for registration and we only need to gather at some place and a tourist guide will come to take us to the gathering point.

The tour started with the tour guide explaining bout the history of Germany, then Berlin. At first it was quite fascinating considering there wasn’t much that I know of Germany’s history, except for only the name that shocked the world, Adolf Hitler. After a while it got a little boring, the guide was so damn “cheong hei” and we found out soon after why the tour was so freaking cheap.

It was fast! We would walked to some place, stopping and listening to the guide’s explanation and history telling time and it made you wondered whether to listen to the history or to take pictures. Basically we did not get any chance to pose for pictures at all!!!

Freaking fast wei…. Not like the normal kind of tour where they take you to one place, briefed you on the place and then let you off to wander and shoot whatever kind of pictures you want to. Damn pissed off I tell you. We just took whatever pictures we can.

We walked so much that day. My poor feet had to take all the suffering. I wished I would have brought my good shoes instead but I only had the pair I worn there. At the end of the day, we just couldn’t wait for the tour to finish so we can grab something to eat and then go back to the comfort of the hotel.

Nah, something we had to shoot fast fast before the tour group left us out. It's so hard to multitask you know.. to shoot pictures AND to listen to the histories.
In the end, I chose to shoot pictures :P

A marking of the Berlin wall

Checkpoint Charlie

Too lazy to tell you what it is.. go wikipedia it yourself la :P

Decided to go for Chinese food that night. We went to this Chinese restaurant which we were told had been there for a long long time and we thought, if it’s been there for a long time, the food couldn’t go wrong. And we were right. The decorations in the restaurant is very “Chinese” indeed. Lots must had been spent only on the decoration itself.

Seafood tofu. You cant see the tofu coz there were so much seafood on top of it :P

Chicken dish

My favorite szechuan soup

Chicken soup with corn

The restaurant

The ceiling

And we were not let down that night. Although the dishes were a little too salty for us the food was great and the price was pretty cheap too.
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Hamburg was a little too boring to my liking and I was definitely hoping that Berlin would be a better bet. And I was happy I was not let down. I absofuckingly loooooooove Berlin. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I left my heart in Berlin. The place was so beautiful that it took my breath away. And the place simply has a lot of stories of its own.

Mind me, I loooovvveee autumn

My 3 euros scarf I got from Hamburg :P

More junk food.. even though the word "LIGHT" doesn't mean anything

Vain pic

Our hotel was NOT located in the heart of Berlin but a town a little far away from Berlin called Teltow. Teltow is a pleasant small town by itself. Very nice neighbourhood with lots of nice big houses around. Most of the residents seen there were older people.

After a long detour (due to the failure to follow the instruction of the navigation system properly), we finally arrived at Courtyard Marriot Hotel. It’s an extension of the Marriot hotel chain. Marriot Courtyard is a 4 star hotel with ample of free parking space, nice ambience and best of all, nice comfy room with big bath!

More trees in autumn!

Some poster I saw when we first got to Berlin.. Sex party maybe? LOL

Courtyard Marriot

Three pillows.... the extra one reserved for threesome? :P

Got big bath summore

Nice or not the room

We rested a little while before starting out the journey to explore Berlin. We looked through some brochures that we got from the hotel lobby and did a little bit of planning. Plan was to take a peek at West Berlin on the first day itself and visit East Berlin (where most of the landmarks and historical buildings were found) through a tour the next day.

Since it was getting a little late, like around 3 something, we decided to explore and get the feel of the public transport around the area. The sad fact was our hotel was a little far from the train station, and so the only means of transportation to get to the train station where we were staying was taking the bus to the train station, which took about half an hour. To save money on transportation and less hassle to buy train tickets everytime we want to board a train, we bought a 3-days-all-public-transport card that enabled us to travel in buses or trains for about 20 euros… very expensive :S but cheaper in long term since we’re going to be doing a lot of travelling for the next coming days. In fact, I’m pretty sure parking and gas will be pretty expensive in Berlin itself too.

After some time travelling, I actually discovered something. I’ve never really seen anyone ACTUALLY bought a train ticket before boarding the train! Ok, so they might have a season pass or something but I kinda doubt it. There was no ticket conductor making his rounds checking for tickets, no machines to prevent you from boarding the train if you don’t have the ticket, in fact, nothing at all that actually checks if you bought any tickets before boarding the train! In our countless time of travelling in the train, there was none at all. And yes, we do feel pretty stupid and at lost for buying the 3 day ticket thing but it’s a little too late for that.

So next time when you go Germany and you’re planning to take the train, no tickets needed! It’s like freeeee transport

This is the look of our 3 day validated all public transport ticket that we stupidly bought on the first day itself. At the moment, we treated it like a passport to heaven LOL

It was a little hard to get to the Berlin city itself on the first day but after struggling for about an hour plus, we finally found ourselves in Kurfurstendam. The initial plan was to visit the hall of workship, Berlin Zoo and Erotic Museum.

The place swept me off my feet. It was completely different from Hamburg. People from all walks of life were busy strolling down the streets making their way to each and own destination. Plus, it was a shopping heaven! Yes, West Berlin is still the ultimate place for shopping. All kinds of brand can be found stretched throughout the whole street. You can find most of the desired brands on the same street itself, and sometimes even 2 stores on just one street! Winter clothing were so fucking fashionable and gorgeous but too bad it’s not applicable for me

Berlin Zoo was closed, couldn’t find the so called hall of workship thingy (actually more like we forgot about it :P) so decided to go to the Erotic Museum instead.

It was getting dark so we decided to have dinner first before visiting the museum. Wanted to go to this place called Ka De We as recommended in the Lonely Planet book.

It was a big gourmet area inside a high class departmental store. Wide variety of choices from pastries to salads to sushi to seafood to desserts. Too many choices that it was impossible to choose which one to indulge in. Toured around the place a little and we decided to settle down to decide what to have.


Wide variety of cakes and pastries! Already thinking of dessert before the main course itself *blushes*

Believe it or not but they have like berpuluh puluh types of olives!

Salad.... if you think this is a lot.. think again

More salad choices! Tell me how to choose...

Lobster. Apparently this dish is very popular. Need to wait a long time if you place an order for it so we skipped it.. and it's not that cheap too.


At this point, I'm pretty LOST IN TRASLATION :S :S :S

Really dont know what to eat la...

So happened we got this leaflet thingy while we were walking on the streets heading towards the Europa centre. Examined the leaflet and found out that it was indeed one of a kind way of dining. So weird that most of us had never tried it before.

It’s called “unsicht bar” which means “unsight bar” I think translated to English.

Which means dining in the dark! Total utter darkness! Sounds really fun and really a must try since it’s the first and probably last time in Berlin.

The place was quite far so we had to make a lot of train transfers and walked like 500 metres from the station to get to the place. At first we were told that reservation is needed but after explaining that we took quite a long time and trouble to get to the place, we were finally told to hang our jackets and to wait at the lobby while they arrange a table for us.
It took about 15-20 minutes of waiting time. While we were waiting we were given the menu to look at first. It was a set like menu where you can choose from vegetarian dishes, poultry, seafood, beef, lamb and if you’re the kind that’s looking for adventure, take the Surprise menu.

I took the easiest way out by taking the 4 course Poultry menu while my partner was more adventurous to take the Surprise menu.

While we were waiting...

See the dark dark entrance on the right? Thats where you go in to the restaurant
Spooky? Nah... too excited to be spooked out :P

It was finally our turn and the woman “assigned” “our” waiter for the night. Guess what, the waiters themselves are blind! Even more exciting. We got to know our waiter, exchanged some greetings and he introduced himself as Suliman and we shall call for him if we need any help for the night or if we cannot stand the total darkness halfway during the dinner.

I was pretty nervous but excited at the same time. A little scared coz we will be dining, which means eating, drinking and poking your fork and spoon into your plate trying to find your food in total darkness! And talking to people without looking into their eyes! For hours! Luckily I don’t have fears in the dark. Suliman told us to tap on his shoulder, my partner putting both his hands on Suliman’s shoulder and I put both my hands on my partner’s shoulder and he slowly led us into the total dark dining room. It was like a maze in the beginning. The light in the path gets dimmer and dimmer as we walked into the room and finally into total darkness. Not even a single light was seen, only people chattering in the dark and clanking of the plates and spoons.

Damn syok and exhilarating!

We did not have to go far to get to our table, basically the first table on the left. Suliman slowly sat us down by leading our hands, feeling the table, then slowly the chair, then explained to us where the fork, spoon, knife and dessert spoon were. It was pretty funny in the beginning. It’s like when you’re in total darkness, one of your senses just shut down. Then your other senses startedt to get better, for one, your ability to hear better and more sensitive touch.

Dinner was served with white wine, probably the best I’ve tasted so far. It doesn’t take long for the first course to come. Initially I thought it was soup so I slowly reached out for the spoon and started scooping from which I initially thought was a bowl. Instead salad was served first. Reaching out for something liquid and got some solid chicken chunks with vege instead.

We had a funny time giggling at our own silliness trying to pick food up with our fork, not knowing what was being served (in my case I know mine will be chicken based) but still it was really funny trying to find your food in the dark. It’s like you know it was there, and you have your eyes wide open but you can’t see it for yourself! Whatmore to pick up your food! So in the end, not wanting to mess up the table and waste my food, I made use of my other free hand to help locate my food. Oh well, people can’t see you, you can’t see them so no one will know if you make a complete full of yourself eating in the dark. In my case, one hand holding a fork and the other feeling around my plate for food :P when my free hand touched something, my other hand with the fork immediately reached out for it

After the first course, it was an incredibly long wait for us. The place was getting busier. People were talking but you just can’t see where they are. I think we waited for almost an hour before getting a little frustrated and called out to our waiter Suliman. Suliman came and apologized and we proceeded with the next order of our soup. Although I can only taste and not see the look of my soup, it was simply simply delicious! I think it’s tomato based soup (because of the sourness) cooked with melted cheese and little chunks of chickens and some other spices. Damn nice I tell you!

After the second course, the main course came. Again we had to wait like maybe 20 mins or so before getting our main course. It was taking really incredibly long. I don’t know if it’s the waiters that are slow (because all of them are blind and the fact that they have to serve the food in total darkness) or it’s just the way it is to eat in the restaurant. I was starving by the time I got the main course that every piece of food on the plate was gone in minutes :P I had salad, some chicken sausage thingy stuffed with potato, lots of beans cooked in butter and pieces of fried chicken topped with special sauce. After the main course, we almost felt it was worth the long long wait. Oissshhiiii!

At this point, you have no idea how much I wished to be able to at least take a picture of the food we had but dang, it was simply too impossible to see anything at all! Not even my own hand in front of me :S

Were too full for dessert but we ate (force it down our stomach) it anyway since we already paid for it. The dessert was served in a way that the sides of the plate were filled with fruits, centre a piece of pancake with jam filling topped with ice cream and 2 chocolate sticks. Again, VERY nice! Super hyper mega duper full that I almost fell asleep in the dark waiting for our waiter to come to lead us out, By that time we were already 3 hours in the restaurant!

Really the longest dinner I ever had in my whole entire life.

When we finally got out into the light again, the eyes needed some adjusting to. It was really a weird and in fact ONCE in a lifetime experience. Been there, done that. It’s like experiencing what the blind experience, only in a more luxurious way and only for a couple of hours but it was more than enough. The food was nice, the service was pleasant and the experience is totally unexplainable! No regrets. The price of the menu was a little costly though. About 49 euros (around 240 ringgit) for a 4 course menu per person but it was simply worth it. I know it’s fucking expensive dining but I’m really not regretting it next time you’re in Berlin, do look out for this restaurant if you’re looking for one of a kind experience.

Anyway, after the dinner it was already 10.30 when we hit the streets and a little too late to get to other places. Also the fact that we stayed so far away, we were a little worried that we might not get any transport home. That night, the very first night in Berlin, we were STRANDED! YES! STRANDED.. what the fuck.. was cursing the hotel so far away and no more bus services by the time we got to the bus stop and we couldn’t wave down any taxis at all! Not even a single taxi in sight! It was like 12.30 in the morning, incredibly cold and stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Luckily, we brought our guidebook with us and in the book, we got the number for the taxi services. Took us a while to get a cab but damn I was glad when I finally got into the cab to get us back to the hotel.

That was end of Berlin day 1. The lust and temptation to shop was there, one of a kind total darkness dining experience and the experience of being stranded in a small town out from Berlin.
photo by: CFD