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We only have 2 full days to spend in Paris. So many things to see, so many things to do and yet.. so little time. Boo was initially planning to take me to Paris Disneyland cause it was nearing Halloween that time and he said he might get to see lots of new Halloween stuffs they put up there but I was against the idea since

One, we've been there before and I'm done with my 'oooohs' and 'aaahhs'

Second, why waste the money again when we can visit other places we've never been to before?

Hence we continued doing our tourist-sy outing. It was the last day we had in Paris and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get eat my onion soup so the first thing in the morning we set out to

Sacre Coeur, it's pronounced 'sakre koer', known to be the "Basilica of the Sacred Heart") located at the highest point in the city.

Being the only attraction around the area, it's no wonder why most of the souvenior shops there were crowded with tourist.

Swindler at work, probably the fastest money making business I've seen.

Soooooo many people at the place already -.- they're everywhere you can't get rid of them, yes it's true

The FIND ME pic

The weather was SO HOT it spoilt almost any photos we tried to take.

The sun spoilt this

and this.. basically you can only see the my outline

You're supposed to be able to see a better view than this but it's just too bright we decided to give up

and we went to the EXACT same restaurant we went 3 and a half years ago.

This is where my family and I sat when we had our lunch here long long time ago

Still the same mural

Ordered something light to share...

And the ONE and only reason why we found ourselves in Paris

I just can't get you outta my head

I just have to camwhore with it

It's THE BEST, the peak of all the meals I've had there

Next up was Arc de Triomphe

Ok that wasn't the picture I took, it got it from wiki -.-

We went there after lunch. I saw this really good looking cop I wanted to take picture with him...

and I was put behind the bars because I tried to camwhore with one

No, I'm just kidding

This is how it looked as we saw it

The arch honours those who fought for France

but now it's also a tomb for the unknown soldiers.

The arch is so huge....

that my face almost kissed the camera as we tried to take a picture of it

After fooling around the place and pausing to watch a street performance by a bunch of talented teenagers, we walked down to Champs Elysees, supposedly the most prestigious shopping avenue in Paris.

I stopped and drool at LV's latest autumn collection from the glass window

because the queue outside waiting to go in was craaaazzzzyyyy....

Nevermind, not that I can afford to buy anything even if I go in.

Walked past more branded, unaffordable shops and expensive cafes and we came to Toyota showroom.

Red light Aygo

And how often do you get to scribble on a brand new car?

They're promoting Toyota Auris

and Prius Hybrid

with their breakthrough tehcnology in Hybrid Synergy Drive which offers greater power, better fuel economy (coz gas is so f***ing expensive and it still keeps increasing) and lower emission.

They have really nice showroom :P

and since when do you see this in a car showroom in Malaysia?

The next highlight is Napolean's tomb. Huh, yea, I didn't know he sees Napolean as one of the greatest warrior of all time

If he's your hero, this is the place for you. They even have a museum in here but we didn't go in.. have to pay one ya know..

oh I love the cute trees

That's hot.. I mean the weather

Now that ladies and gentleman is Napolean, he's a tiny person himself,

I wonder if he's small somewhere else too.....

I mean his hands la doink
And somewhere inside, where it's free..

Outside, it was a perfect day out to be playing soccer. Perfect day out to be sitting nearby and drooling after the half naked guys too haha

I saw the most gorgeous looking bridge I've seen in my life. Shoot, I forgot what's the name but it's directly opposite where Napolean's tomb was, can't miss it.

No not this bridge

I mean how can you miss this from far?

Told you it was gorgeous

We were tired of walking the whole day so we took a rest in a park nearby and saw modelssssss

Boo thought they were ugly and he said if that's the criteria to be a model, I could be one too muauahahahhahaha... yea right... and then he added...

IF only you were taller -.-

(ok, I added the last part cause that's the truth!)

***updated*** I forgot bout this part

Moulin Rouge! Located in the SEXIEST part of Paris

Yea, I was surprised when I walked out the tube station and saw all this! It's everywhere

Frankly, their costumes sex shop amazed me. Lots and lots of variations to choose from for your roleplay fantasy heh... I would love to get my hands one of those to but they were just too expensive :s

So this is Moulin Rouge, it was as beautiful as they said

We would have gone to the dinner and show for 150 euros per head if it wasn't for

the long queue already waiting outside.

Oh what makes you think I'd spend that kind of money?


Well then that should be the last bit of my 2007 Europe trip. It was one great memorable one, with so many first times for me.
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photo by: lasersurge