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One of the most famous places you gotta see when you're Paris is Notre Dame. We made this place our first destination cause err.. well, let's call it a strategy. When you have so many places in the list that you think you MUST see and do, it's important to have a layout of the map of all the places and then plan your route. Well thats what we tried to achieve anyway. We ended up not going to quite a few places cause we're supposed to take sssllllooooowww... and slooowww we did...

Jumped off the wrong station and we had to walk a loooooong way to locate the infamous Notre Dame.

Tried following the crowd but when you're in Paris, it's almost impossible. Cause everywhere, the crowd is HUGE. How? Trial and error. Wanted to ask the policemen but dont think they speak much of English. So walk lor.. we have all the time in the world ma... considering we didn't have to rush to see all.

It was a sunny day. I wished I had brought my umbrella instead. The walking made me sweat despite the chilling wind was blowing.

After bout half an hour of walking, we finally located the impossible to miss building. It still doesn't fail to awe me. So many people were already busying themselves snapping photos, I take of you, you take of me, I take for the gang, then someone will take for us.. that kind of thing you know.. typical tourist stuff. Yea..

A closer look of the magnificient art carved on the building.


It's polite not to wear any cap/hat inside as a sign of respect.

The beautiful glass panes

Joan of Arc

Next was The Louvre. Oh I've always wanted to go back here again especially after I watched Da Vinci Code. But then again, by the time I got there, the anticipation was gone but it was still beautiful regardless of having to see it again.

You can get off from 2 tube stations. The one we got off was underground where the museum was.

Rainbow streaks

So many people camwhored that it's impossible to get the whole prism and ME ALONE :S

We took the escalator up, and voila!

There in front of me, the huge glass pyramid standing grand to awe every arriving tourist.

So without wasting our time, boo and I got into action to setup our tripod. Just when we're nearly done, a guy came riding on his bike and told us, no tripod is allowed! -.- WTF~
They're afraid we have one of those modified tripod with a built in gun inside and we start shooting down the glass pyramid is it? Oh well.. too bad.. so we did the boring things couple did on holidays, I take of you, you take of me.. spoil mood I tell you

Palais du Louvre

The security around the area was really tight. They have security men on wheels cycling around looking and passing warnings to tourists, policemen doing their rounds and not to mention soldiers. It's indeed a uniform heaven for those with uniform fetishes, you might go high seeing all those men in uniforms hehe

Nice berret dude

It was a perfect day to be soaking out the sun

By the time we were done with these two landmarks, it was time for lunch. Then boo asked me bout the best ice cream in the world and how I was looking forward to try it. And then only I remembered the place was somewhere near the Notre Dame. -.-
That's right, which means we have to go all the way back there. Grrrrrr

Ok we're back at the Notre Dame area.. the building from the back

I don't know if we were just unfortunate that day or what, but we seemed to be having problem locating where the place is. Took us another half an hour to finally find the place at the end of the bridge.

The place was packed and we were tired so decided to lunch there as well.

house sandwich (I think, can't remember clearly)

I had the best ham and cheese omelette

We were really full after lunch but we're not going to miss out the so called bestest ice cream in the world, ha. The ice cream served in the cafe cost 13 euros for 2 scoops so we thought it'll be cheaper if we lined up outside to buy from the both situated just outside the cafe.

Best ice cream?

Bad picture but I had to show the ice cream

Turned out, the so called ice cream tasted like sherbet to me. And it was so INCREDIBLY sweet :S Bad choice I was thinking perhaps we should get the one from inside the cafe itself... oh well a little too late for that.

Shopping complex

Opera house

We were looking for well this ordinary building that looks ordinary from outside. Nothing out of the ordinary...

But once you're inside, you'll be amused....

with the CEILING

There's a freaking Eiffel Tower hanging upside down from the ceiling.

It was simply beautiful, nicest mall deco I've ever seen.

We went up to the rooftop where we can see some of Paris's view.

Ok, I know I took half of the pic :P

The last attraction of the day was none other than

The famous Eiffel Tower itself. We wanted to go up the tower and see sunset from there.

Oh the madness of the crowd there!

We joined the super duper long queue to purchase the tickets to go up the tower. Might as well go up since we were there anyway. Regretted the decision not to do it last time so definitely going up this time.

The sun started to set and the wait was getting more and more anxious each time. By the time we got the tix, the sun was already halfway down We took the elevator up to the first floor where we were given as much time as we want to take pictures.

Still manage to take the view before the sun sets..

The wind was blowing strong up there everyone was shuddering in cold. Almost impossible to stay there for long. So we took the elevator to the toppest floor. It was already dark. I bet the view would be prettier if it was sunset.

See the layers of colors on the horizon?

The brains behind the tower construction

This feels almost ET-ish

Hey Malaysia is only 10 thousand kilometres away!

It was crowdier at the toppest floor compared to the first floor. Maybe the fact that the first floor was bigger and wider and not to mention too chilly for people to be standing there long. We stood and stared out from the tower for a while before finally deciding to go down.

At the foot of the tower, the lights have been switched on.

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photo by: Sweetski