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Paris, the city of love and romance where most couples in love would want to set their foot here at least once in their lifetime. The place where the man will want to give his other half an experience she'll remember forever and the woman will always remember how her legs got all jiggly and weak when she first set her feet in Paris and how her heart melts when she first saw Eiffel Tower.

What's there not to love about Paris? The city itself is breathtakingly beautiful (though some French maybe a little unfriendly) and you discover love just about anywhere you go. Ok perhaps today Paris may get a little too tourist-sy where you see people playing tourist in almost every corner but nevertheless, you'll just forgive every irritating tourist that spoils your photo when you see for yourself how beautiful the place and major landmarks are and they're not just photoshopped for a postcard perfect effect

Since it was only a weekend getaway, which means we have very very few days in Paris itself, you can imagine the the craziness when I tried squeezing almost everything into the schedule. Gotta go here, gotta go there, gotta cover this and that, gotta eat this.. arghh the madness of it.

Boo told me to take it slow, afterall, we're not gonna play 100% tourist, (which we actually ended up doing that as you will see later :P) because it's supposed to be well.. just a nice slow romantic weekend afterall.

Before I start off with the touristsy thingy, I'd like to share our very first experience on our very first night in Paris itself. The journey to get to the small apartment boo had booked a little out of the town (because everywhere else is so freaking expensive) was almost life taking, the journey in the train was super long and by the time we checked in, it was dinner time.

Ok this is all about dinner. We don't actually have to worry bout hunting for food for there were many restaurants, kebabs and fast food outlets where we're staying. In fact, there were too many of them we were spoilt for choices of where to eat.

Chinese food? I was still overdosed by boo's mum's treat a day or two back so NO for Chinese.

Pizza Hut? Are you kidding me?

Japanese? I can get it much cheaper and better in Malaysia :P

Kebab? On our very first night here? Nah...

Rabbit's pizza? Err... want meh?

So our only option left was non other than the typical French restaurants. So we went to this quite ok-looking-a-lil-classy-and-nice restaurant supposedly famous for their chicken dish. We realized our mistaken of choosing the restaurant when we opened the menu and everything was in F.R.E.N.C.H

We looked at each other and tried to hide our idiocracy (is there such a word?). Wanted to leave but it was a little too late for we're already munching hungrily on the french bread.

So again, with his super hyper mega super limited understanding in French, boo tried to make out the menu. And the waiter was not helping either for he didn't speak a word of English.

For starters at least we were successful in ordering my French onion soup.

Which I had to downed with much difficulty coz the bread was a little burnt.

But mine was better compared to what he had.

Hell, I don't know what patte this is but I almost vomitted when I tried it out :P No cold dish for me!

And oh, just so you know, next time you're unfortunate enough to get this on a blind order, the rule is to eat it with the bread or you gonna have to end up drinking a sip of water with every bite of this.

And the main dishes.

Their so-called famous chicken soup dish which I think it's almost the same as the herbal chicken soup you can find anywhere.

Too salty for my liking.

Again, he made the wrong choice to order this.


I'm telling you, I think this pig they killed only eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Even the leg itself is full of ONLY FAT. No real meat. You're practically accumulating fat by just eating the fat :S I'll cry nonstop and worry for like eternity about my fat percentage in my body if I have to eat this. OMG, I better stop before boo starts to have nightmare of this again :P

So, lesson learnt. Never go into a French restaurant and order blindly unless you know for sure what you're going to order, that is, either you know French well or exact name of the dish in French. You can of course, die trying

Ok, next! Where to go!
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photo by: lasersurge