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let's start shall we :)



It’s well known that travelling is about seein new places, admiring architecture, marvellous statues, meetin new people, enjoyin local dishes, experiencing other cultures; in all, an extraordinary experience for the wanderer.


But we all here on TravBuddy know it’s not really about that doesn’t it… We all know it’s all about buying fridge magnets!


You know, buyin one in every new place you go, bring ‘em back home and stick ‘em up on your fridge. Lookin at them when you’re back at home, workin, payin’ bills, just an everyday reminder that once you had fun times. Having your coffee in the morning and finding yourself staring at a piece of cheep plastic and thinking: “Prague must be great this time o’ year…”.



I donno about you but for me, every new place I go to, a voice in my head goes: “get the fridge mag!” I even consider myself a sort of a connoisseur in terms of fridge mags and found my self getting more and more picky in choosing these little pieces of kitsch.


So with this said, the initial plan was to go and visit Poland with Krakow, Auschwitz and Warsaw, Lithuania with Vilnius and maybe a day trip to Trakai Castle, Latvia with Riga, Estonia with Tallinn and Finland with Helsinki. I tried to make part o’ the travels by air but either couldn’t get a good deal, either the dates didn’t match the plans.


Then I decided to make all the travels by land and travel up north to Tallinn as quick as I can and then come back down south taking my time visiting as much as possible. I gave myself 3 days to get from Cluj to Tallinn, that’s just over 2,000 km (about 1,250 miles).


So this is my trip, roughly 3 weeks long, I will be stayin in hostels, travel by buses, trains and ferries; there will be a pick pocketing attempt somewhere on road and plenty of stories and new friends to talk about.





sylviandavid says:
We collect magnets too.... My favorite is from Mykonos and it's a bottle opener..... But.... there are more out there waiting for us..... :) sylvia
Posted on: Feb 19, 2010
anavictoria8c says:
I don't bought magnets, because i didn't thought on them like reminders of good times, but now it makes sense :D
Next time!!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
Marius1981 says:
Nelieta, i missed a few counties my self like Scotland or Austria. But definitely i'll get them someday.
Posted on: Feb 09, 2010
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lets start shall we :)
let's start shall we :)
photo by: Marius1981