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This is it. My last weekend here. I gotta do something great, BIG... something I never would have thought I'd do in my whole entire life until today. I needed something a little more extreme to wrap up this amazing trip here. The cake is missing the icing and I'm going to put it icing on.

I booked my spot on Tuesday and since then I've been having mixed feelings about this. I was all excited most of the time until the day before. I have to admit, I was feeling a little jittery, butterflies in the stomach, nervous, anxious and yet... I can't wait for the peak of the performance.

Morning came and I called up the bf first thing in the morning to get a boost of motivation and moral support. He was super excited for me, his first question was "Ready to jump?!" I admitted my fears and nervousness. He laughed it off, saying I'll be fine and I'll definitely find the experience worth it. Well, easier said that done... for someone who's afraid of speed and height at the same time.

It was too late to chicken out. I drove 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to the place and I'm not turning around. My hands and my feet were sweating, like wet wet kind.. I know, EEW! I was trying to calm myself down by thinking bout alot of things on my way there and it did help a little bit.

The place was near the Homestead airport.

I turned in upon seeing the sign.

I walked in, thinking to myself... THIS IS IT! I'm definitely going to do this. I want extreme and this is extreme. I'm going to make myself proud.

I registered at the counter and was told to view a 10 minutes video. Can't remember much what the video said but the most vivid thing I remembered was the risks of skydiving (well obviously, as it got me even more nervous than before) Death, is definitely one of the risks of skydiving, they were showing pictures of ambulance etc.. and clearly, it didn't help to calm my nerves @_@

Then I was given a contract to sign. So many terms and conditions, I'm not allowed to sue should anything happened to me, so basically I'm doing this on freewill with no strings attached la.. I signed everything, showed my id, paid a huge amount for it *ouch* and then I'm good to go!

Was then directed into a room where a man helped to suit me up, at the same time telling me the do's and don't's.

Minutes later, I'm all ready to rock!

Sexy or not? Hahaha... ok, not funny

I waited for a while waiting for everyone to get ready. There were 2 other first timers going out with me. It was then I also met an old man, like very old...must at least be in his mid 70s, with problems with his legs and yet still determined to make the jump. When I heard the story he told me, he immediately became an inspiration to do the jump even more. This is close to his 200th jump and he has been doing this EVERY WEEK for almost 2 years or more now. We saw his picture of his 100th jump hanging on the wall and I have to say, I'm really really proud of him. I think if he could have the option to choose a way to die, skydiving is definitely it.

The time finally came to roll, the tandem masters were ready, announcement were made to pair us up and I was shocked to see how huge my tandem master was @_@ Like GIANT huge. Well... in a way, he looked safe enough for me

We boarded the small plane waiting to fly us up and we sat "stacked" inside the plane. Like one person went in, open his leg, second person sit in between the first person's legs and opened up his legs and so on. We flew up, higher and higher. At one point, excitement took over me more than fear. I was in awe with the sight of the view from the plane. Everyone was cracking jokes in the plane to ease the tension of the first timers.

When we reached 13,500 feet, one of the cameraman opened up the door and just like.... flew out and disappeared @_@ I was like... THAT WAS FAST. Then one by one flew out, I was getting more and more nervous. I put on my googles and was told to get on my knees while my tandem master strapped himself tight onto me. Then we slowly crawled to the opening. He position my head to lean against his shoulder, both my hands crossed in front of my chest and I thought to myself..

What the hell was I thinking getting myself into thisssssssssssss....before I could even finish thinking of it, we fell... like free falling down, 60 seconds of free fall. I was sooooooo scared in the beginning, I closed my eyes for a few seconds then opened them up again, I've came to far to waste all this by keeping my eyes closed.

That's my OMFG face

The first few seconds was seriously scary. I felt weightless and was just falling and falling... FAST

Seconds after we fell, he stretched my hands out but I was a little scared that I hung on to his arms. *blush* SCARED MA!

Then I saw the cameraman falling right in front of me and suddenly I don't feel so scared anymore. So I stretched my wings arms.. mouth opened wanting to scream but it's too impossible with all the wind going into my mouth :S

Stop blocking my face you idiot, ok I was just joking bout the idiot part, he was trying to make it fun for me

The experience was well.. the first thing that came to mind was, stomach churning, then breathtaking. No I mean really like breath taking, like for a moment I can't breathe, everything happened too fast. I was busy falling, busy looking at the view down there and busy posing for the pictures/video. I had to try breathing through my mouth, at the same time telling myself not to panic.

And then it was all good.

Damn the face really looked retarded.

Enjoying the view below.

He was always trying to straighten my hands out -_-

We're going down! For a second I wondered if we could hit a bird on the way down.. hmm

Obviously he's still very excited bout the jump even though he had done like 10,000 jumps?

Nice moustache!

It didn't take long for me to love the thrill of it

60 seconds of free fall seemed to past too fast. Like waaaaaay too fast. I saw the cloud below and I can't believe we're going to fall through it. And all this time I was wondering how it'll be like to be in among the clouds! But then before I knew it, he did it.

He pulled the parachute.

And left us hanging, floating lost in the clouds

How does it feel to be in the clouds?

Frankly speaking, it didn't feel like anything. It was just... well white everywhere.

We floated in the air for a few minutes, just enjoying the view. He showed me where the Everglades was, of which I could have easily guess since it's mostly a big patch of green stuff, then Homestead airport where we're going to land, then a big patch of clouds far away where he claimed that's the clouds which will be bringing in another coldfront next week.

And then he manouvered the parachute to get us down to the landing spot

Lower and lower we come.

Knees up! My feet should only touch the ground after his.

When I landed, the first thing I yelled out was AWESOMEEEEE!!!

Then I gave the cameraman a big high five and proceeded to thank Glen, the tandem master, gave him a big hug thanking him for making my day. You bet it did!

It was a truly mind blowing, adrenaline rush, breathtaking, amazing yet stomach churning, nerve wrecking experience. I was a little shaky when I landed to be honest but soon got over it. I still can't believe it was over so fast. I'm beginning to think, this might be addictive for I definitely will want to do this again if I get the chance to.

Back in the headquarters, I got out from my suit, exchanged a few words with the first timers who jumped together with me, and lingered around while waiting for my videos and photos to be processed.

I took the opportunity to take picture with my tandem master. I told ya he's HUGE!

At the end of the trip, I walked out a happy, proud woman with a video of my jump, a dvd of my photos, a free t shirt and not to mention a certificate to boast about.

Ok now, I'm soooooo ready to go home! I mean, home HOME, back to Penang! I can't wait!

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photo by: ellieperla