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Last Friday was rough. Bad news from home, work sucked and I couldn't finish my work on time before they locked the server up for upgrades over the weekend. I went to bed thinking what's the worse that could happen.

I woke up to the ray of morning sunlight which sneaked its way into the room regardless of how much I tried to close the drapes of the window. I checked the time and it was 630 in the morning. Man, morning do start early for everyone here. I was feeling super comfortable laying in my king size bed with clean white sheets I've always loved in hotels but my mind was somewhere else.

Not wanting to waste my weekend away not doing anything, I dragged myself out of bed, put on my clothes and walked towards the dresser where the laptop was and switched it on. Moments later, I found myself jotting down the addresses of the places I want to go and had successfully booked myself an inn/hotel for the night.

Shower and packing didn't take too long. Managed to grab a quick bite at the hotel and soon I'm on my way to Orlando, well not exactly Orlando but a nearby place called Kissimmee (oh I loved the name!)

No surprise, I was headed towards

Ok, I know I said I didn't want to go but I wanted to see something else from one of the parks before it ended on Sunday. The weather was super perfect for a day out. I wished I was driving a convertible instead!

This is like 27 degrees.. sun with cool wind blowing, perfecto!

I reached the place around 12.40 in the afternoon and it was jam packed. Parking was full for the first two carparks that I tried going into but luckily I managed to make it for the third one where the Planet Hollywood is.

I wasn't quite sure where I was so I just walked and walked and walked until I saw this sign.

I walked further and was surprised to see a tall Christmas tree. Wow Christmas really comes early for Disney folks! Dont be surprised if you see Christmas ornaments sold in all the shops.

The place I was looking for to get surveniors was..

Yes the Disney marketplace! Truly a place to shop for your Disney masterpieces. I wouldn't say the price is cheap either :S

Crabs, anyone?

What is the most important thing one should have when you're traveling alone?

Thick skin!

I shamelessly asked strangers to snap pictures for me! But I'm telling you it's soooooo disappointing :S Here's why...

It's either those around were oblivious to the fact that some people want to take picture and yet they pretended not to care and just walk right into the pic

This one is also classic. I specifically told him or was it her? I cant remember but anyway, he/she took a pic with me in it but only half the object :s

Nevermind, I ended up snapping other things myself

LEGO dragon!

I love this shop! Everything is soooooo pretty but pricey, heh

You can also be a princess for the day. It was so nice bumping into little princesses here and there all dressed and made up nicely

Live street art right in front of your eyes

I was too impatient to wait for the Obama potrait to finish, sorry :P

'Oh I'm so hardworking that I have paint all over me!'

CROCS! Taking Disney by storm!

Why isn't the Genie in the lamp?

Build your own potato head!

Harley shop, my uncle will looooove it here

Yea, thick skin again

I don't know if I should compliment the way the mum handles the kid so that she won't get lost or pity the kid as she is being led around like a pet monkey :s

I spent the whole afternoon just wandering around the place, thinking and looking for sourveniors for people. IT was tough trying to get something nice but cheap and affordable.

By 5pm, I got pretty much everything I wanted and I walked back to where Pleasure Island is.

This place looked really cool...

with live band, was planning to come back here at night but I got caught up doing something else shopping la what else

Then I stumbled upon this really really superb store that sells magnets called Magnetron or something. It was awesome! I especially love these pastries magnets! They looked too real and also too expensive or else I would have bought one

Music store selling albums and posters of famous artists with their signatures.

Tempting candies in candy shop.

I saw this and I had to laugh. Bf will know what I'm talking about! This is for you :X

It was getting dark and I pretty bought what I needed so it's time to head out and look for my hotel/inn.

One last pic of Planet Hollywood before I head out.


Finally the place I slept in for the night. Cant find anywhere cheaper and decent AND safe enough so I'd rather be paying a lil more

At least I had a king size bed..

And a nice mini kitchen with microwave, fridge, coffeemaker.. I forgot if there's a stove but there are kitchen utensils if you need any.

Ok that's all for Day1. I was already super super tired by the time I got to the hotel with all the driving and whole day of walking...

More picture story telling on Day2.
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photo by: Reephboy