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Note : I think this place deserves an exceptionally long entry so please bear with me I put my heart and soul and blood and sweat (wtf!) to write this!

I can't think of a better name for this entry. Most of the titles that ran through my mind sounded either too cheesy or too cliché so I decided to simplify it once and for all.

Many suggested that I should at least visit this place before I go back. For someone who appreciates watching the leaves turn brown as the season changes to fall, loves people watching in a park, find sunsets to be comforting and romantic, and basically doing anything that has to do with nature and appreciating nature don't let my shopping habit deceives you for who I am this is definitely a MUST GO for me. I have an old soul, I appreciate things which are old and antique excluding men, mind you and I find this place to be very "unique".

Unique as in there are gay people everywhere (at least that was what I'm told and soon spotted them all over the place), as in people can go as crazy as they want on FantasyFest where people run around naked on the streets (COOL!) or when things calm down, one will find this place a truly relaxing, soothing place to be. because it's full of old people

Since I got here, I have always been alone. I mean I do find people to go out with at times but I cannot expect them to be using up their free time to accomodate me to bring me to places and all, and also for a fact that I try not to depend too much on people most of the time. So I entertain myself most of the time, like driving to Orlando and going to Disney park all by myself which I think I could have been easily the only one doing that, that day. Not that I mind, really.

Driving to Key West alone did cross my mind actually, I didn't think anyone would want to accompany me all the way there, afterall, it's freaking 4 and a half hours of long boring drive. But lucky stars were shining on me that day, my colleague called me on Saturday and asked if I'm interested to follow a bunch of people to go to Key West on Sunday. Her son and some friends are going to bring a bunch of people visiting from China to Key West (how come my colleagues are not so nice?!) and since she knows I'm planning to make a trip there too, she was kind enough to invite me.

I figured any plan will be better than staying in the hotel room pigging out or contributing to the economy in the mall so I agreed on the spot, even though I'm about to go on this journey with a bunch of people I never met before.

After introducing myself to Arash(pronounced as Raj for some reason), a pleasant, nice and talkative guy (which also feels weird because he's my colleague's son and only happened to be a year younger than me) I was introduced to a whole bunch of other ppl. I didn't feel left out at all. They were all very friendly and I knew it I was gonna have fun in this trip.

The drive was looonng, we only started at like 930 in the morning, got stuck in the traffic on the way to Homestead where the Nascar race was to be held and then "crawled" (coz there're freaking speed limits everywhere) our way there.

We reached Key Largo first and we got down to take some pictures. The ocean was just too much to resist. I've never seen so much BLUE in my life. The sky was in perfect shade of blue (no wonder they called it sky blue) with very little clouds, and the ocean was a mix of blue and green and simply stunning and breathtaking!

The infinity big pool?

Gotta camwhore.. the cool wind was blowing really strong but I thought the weather was too much a waste to put on a jacket. Whatmore when the sun is shining bright on you.

Chinese people doing what they do best, taking pictures of everything! :P

Group photo

You see, when you have a perfect landscape for group pictures like this, you would want to include the people AND the scenery into the picture right?

And Americans do what they do best

zoom in right on you, NOT only eliminating the beautiful landscape behind but also cutting out someone from the pic in the process!

It pays to stand in the middle during picture taking people

Can't blame them, they're there for fishing, not taking pictures for foreigners. This small little shark is actually illegal, I was told... as they're too young and they should be let back into the sea so they grow old enough to reproduce more.

We hopped back into the car and continue another long journey to Key West. After what seemed like an eternity traveling in the car, we jumped with joy upon seeing "civilisation" (because there was absolutely nothing much to see along the road)

One of the things I love about Key West is the fact that it's old. They have nice and pleasant looking, ancient, quaint, not to mention unique houses like this. Ok this one maybe not too quaint. See I told you I have an old soul

And everything just seemed so peaceful there.

We parked next to Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum.

Had fun posing for pics

Spotted an interesting looking souvenior

I would love to ride on this one day all the way to Key West!

And tour around town in this cute looking thing.

We settled for lunch in Hard Rock Cafe, Key West style

in an old but funky looking deco style building

This is my bbq something pork pulled something sandwich, dont remember the exact name

Me and sweet, soft spoken Sabs, she's from Columbia!

Apart from being famous with anything related with sea activities and best place for sunset as so they say, Key West is also famous for it's keylime pie, an American dessert made of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk in a pie crust.

We got our pie from a small deli

Fresh cookies right out of oven, HOT!

It's nothing special looking, the whole pie looks like this, like an enlarged version of eggtart. Since there were 7 of us, we bought the whole pie to share. Costed bout 16 bucks plus tax.

Raj dividing the pie

Since I was the one making a big fuss to try it, I got the biggest piece -_- My piece is not this, it's much larger :S

After consuming it, we're really high on sugar! It's VERY VERY VERY sweet. If taken in small amount, it's very nice but too much you'll go... yuck. Obviously I couldn't finish mine, so we dared Raj to finish my share, we bet him 3 beers he can't do it.

But he did.

Walked past what must have been the richest bar in the neighbourhood. It's full of dollar notes.

If you're under 18, skip this part and go to the next part.

****** For 18 and above only ******

The guys were surprised I knew what this means, oh well it happens when you mix with ppl with bad influence too much

I like the Viagra one! LOL

This is cool, do as it says

****** 18 and above ends here ******

It was getting late... so we raced to catch the sunset

I vote this the best and most posh hotel in KeyWest!

This is Key West's old style strip club, I think

And we reached there just in time for the sunset! Very very nice view! And we're at the most southern part/point/tip of Florida.

Group pic

Then catch sunset!

Two of my proudest pictures! (unedited)

The sun playing peekaboo

and slowly

disappear into the horizon...

Since it's not too dark yet, we took the opportunity to take a lot of silly pictures, not surprising with me being there

I tried to push while he tried to lift

I tried to push it back to Cuba, it's ONLY 90 miles away!

Is it me or his expression is just so... -_-

Guess who and who

Getting my ass kicked @_@

This is Lucy, from China and me

Ok, enough fooling around, it's time to head back.

We stopped for drinks at Margaritaville.

My very tutti fruiti margarita

The walk back to the carpark was too long, the guys had to stop for...

Cuban cigars....

nah, kidding. Just checking out the prices

I was sad having to leave the place. It feels as if there are still many "corners" I haven't been able to explore in the place. I'd like to stay in one of those Bed & Breakfast tiny but comfy looking little houses, take my own sweet time strolling along the mazelike streets, sit and watch sunset with a certain someone, dine in one of those quiet little restaurants, and dance the night away, just laughing and having the time of my life. This, is what I prefer more than a happening crowded place, the tranquil serenity of just two people being in their own world.

One day, one fine day.. I'll be back... even when I'm old and wrinkly and having to use a walking stick...

Yes, I love the place too much I didn't want to leave! This is the part where they had to "tear" me off from the stone and drag me away.

You think?
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Key West
photo by: X_Drive