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My first weekend in Florida has been a memorable one, Thank God!

But my first Saturday here... was wasted with catching up with sleep. I slept 10 hours today. All the shopping + cheesecake plan went right out of the window. All because of one thought, one assumption... just one hour of sleep and I'm good to go.. ONE HOUR, was all I needed before I go out. And I went to bed, it was a nice cloudy afternoon and the bed was calling to me and I answered its call. It costed me 5 hours of sleep. 5 hours! When I woke up it was 10pm... too late to do anything. Funny... in a way I felt that I wasted my day away and in another way, I didn't regret the sleep at all it was too good... and I even dreamt about a lot of things which I don't remember now

Ok, I'm getting too long winded here. I'm supposed to be blogging about my first Halloween. Not too celebrated in Malaysia, this is the first time I actually see for myself how Halloween is celebrated outside the country. And in a big BOOM.

We got down to Miami LATE. Close to 12 I think. The place was so crowded we practically crawled our way through the traffic. Finding a place to park was another problem. I was getting sleepy in the car I almost regretted my decision to come out.

When we finally managed to find a place for the car, little did we know that we had long journey ahead. Need to reunite with other people, need to walk... far.. and the road just strecthed out like there's no tomorrow. I didn't know and I couldn't care less. My attention was on something else. The scene! Gosh it was amazing. I'm already taken aback with the boldness shown by the people here.

Halloween... and I saw a woman walking around in a thong showing off the buttcheek, luckily it was a nice firm one too. There was only one question I had for her, was she ever cold? Even in a dress I was shivering. I wondered if those cheeks became cold buns hehe.

Anywaaaaay, loads of pictures ahead! Like I said, even though we had to walk long and far, we were entertained all the way. Everywhere we saw people dressing up in the most creative costume they can think of.

Miami is full of gorgeous looking humans, especially women. They certainly have that to-die-for body that put me to shame @_@

Sexy hot girl posing with half naked guys

This is Paula, they called her Queen B. So so pretty, no? And she is so freaking tall she should be in America's Next Top Model. Even taller or as tall as most of the guys :

People dressed up to get their pictures taken, with or without someone.

With someone

without someone, just a candid shot.

or for people snapping their pics anonymously, like moi. She doesn't really have the body to pull off the outfit though :s

What was he supposed to be? A fooling ghost? He was clearly walking around drunk. I'm sure because I can smell alcohol all over him when I walked past.

Oh, I just thought his outfit looked cool you're bound to be squeezed and hugged by anyone there.

You can even parade in your fanciest bra and skirt, no one cares really. They'll just think you're unique and want to take pictures of you or with you.

Crossdressing, sooooo common. He's definitely more than willing to strike a pose for us

Oh look, a Nethandral!

Wow I definitely feel like I'm in Fantasy Fest, I'm not surprised if they brought their costumes all the way from there I STILL want to go there and see it for myself some one fine day though!

The million dollar woman and a ghostly ghastly looking man

Heck I don't even know the guy, he just came into the picture -_-"

Oh look! I found the missing pharaoh! He looked lost

Another man in fancy outfit, back in the Victorian era? Beats me...

See what I told you bout women walking around in thongs?

Oh she's with Elvis, they feel so comfortable being photographed!

Moi and another crossdresser, did you get the Las Vegas showgirl vibe?

Another bunch of so called "macho" guys... gawddd they're such attention seeking biatches!

The unknown but interesting costumes

I like couples that dress up together, like this policeman and policewoman, naughty! Or were they rangers of some sort?

I found Ariel on land!

The executioner? I don't know.. you tell me

Some guys who mistaken me for a Japanese girl and dragged me to take pictures with them. The stupid fool on the left kept kissing my cheek during picture time -_-

Oh and the people I went with, they all went as SMURFS! Remember the Smurfs? The cartoon, the cute little blue things? They were the only unique smurfies there and they were proud of it clearly no one thought of that

The blue paint was peeling off, so touchup needed!

We walked more, and more and more... the girls in heels were tired but looking for a cab to drive us to the place we wanted to go was another pain in the ass, no one wanted to drive us there @_@

But we finally found one and we got to this club/bar?

A bunch of scary looking smurfies when the paint came off? LOL

Urgh, a Columbian guy who tried hitting on me... yuck yuck yuck! I'm taking pictures with everyone but him, and in the end, he requested for a pic *roll eyes*

My close up Halloween pic! Gee, my close up pic is real scary *gulp*

Last but not least, leaving the best pic to the end, this is bf's best friend (though you can't really see his face with the paint), Pablo and also the host of the night and his super cute and pretty looking gf, Michelle. Thanks to them, I had a superb time that night!

AND AND AND AND AND.... one last pic of the entry, my greatest accomplishment for the night was....

grabbing fake boobies on a man!

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photo by: hannajax