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*updated with clips of Jason Mraz and Alicia Keys*

It was HARD HARD HARD to wake up the next day after the super long tiring day from the day before. Bodyache and feeling tired all over the body from top to toe (ok I was exagerating a lil, it wasn't THAT bad) made me wish that I could have more time to laze around more in bed. We woke up like 11 in the morning and after much effort "invested" to wake up, finally got out from bed at 11.30 -_-"

Since it's Day 2 and we've basically known the logistics of the place and all, we have 2 options, to take it easy and have a decent satisfying lunch or rush to the place and grab a hotdog/nachos/kebab :S First option sounded like a better one and felt like having Italian that day so we hopped in a cab to bring us all the way to Boat Quay. Turns out.. the whole stretch is full of seafood places -_- BUT we were lucky enough to find one Italian restaurant that serves SUPERB AWESOME Italian meal. Can't remember the name.. something like Pasta Fresca. I had this fantabulous lasagne there and I'm still salivating thinking bout it.

We were rushing to finish up our lunch hence no pics but we still made time for its tiramisu dessert.

Definitely recommended!

By the time we were done, it was 3 ish so we rushed to Fort Canning. I was positive that I could catch Stacie Orrico's opening act. So so so positive. And then when we got to the entrance. The queue WAS IMPOSSIBLY LONG. Yes trust me.. could have been 1km of ppl lining up to go in, can you imagine?

God knows how long we had to walk to get to the END of the queue to queue up. And Stacie Orrico was already performing by then! I listened to her singing "More to Life" outside queueing up

No Stacie

It took ages to get in. At one point I even thought of flashing my boobs to the kid at the VIP entrance

The scene inside was like.. WOW.. totally different from Day 1. It was jam packed like this...

Packed like sardine

Lucky for us, we still managed to squeeze ourselves into a tiny mini spot.

And ran towards the stage, barefooted again (leave our sandals to guard our spot ma :P) when One Republic came on.

I only know how to sing 2 of their songs :P

I really didn't realize there was this instrument involved @_@ but damn he was good.

Panic at the Disco came on next and they made the crowd go WIIILLLDD~

This was how wild it got (my own version of fiction la..)

Very much into the act

She throws her panties I throw my bra, sorry can't do without panties

After Panic at the Disco's performance, it was commercial break again and the Levis Fashion show came on. We took the opportunity to squeeze ourselves out from the crowd to get something to eat. Again the queues for food and drinks were impossibly long again but I managed to find a shortcut for the hotdog queue, like hurray~!

We underestimate the fashion show performance, took a lil too long for dinner and by the time we got back to the stage area, Rick Astley was already almost wrapping up his performance. Dont know who he is?
There the one that sings
"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and desert you"

Listen to MixFM more if you don't know which song I mean

I have to say he looked good for his age

Even aunty wanted to throw her old and worn cotton panties to him hehe

Next up! The man that made my day and night! The one and only performance I'm looking forward to for the whole entire time!


He was soooooooooo gooooooooood.... sooo talented. He's definitely THE MAN

When he sang "I'm Yours" I almost faint with happiness and instant orgasm

If a guy sings this to me, I'll marry him rightaway! LOL it's too cheesy not to you know Dont know..there's something bout this song that gives me that certain comfort

Oh yes I can die happy~~~

Next heaty performance was non other than the Pussycat Dolls! Yes people, boobs and asses and pussies?

We stood so far that this is the best shot we could capture :S

So desperate that in the end, I took pictures from the screen :P

Ok ok more hot eyecandy pics from double-u-double-u-double-u dot lifestyle dot ass gee

Open toe boots are so in now... no comment.. maybe to avoid your feet from stinking?


yea she's stretchy alright

black woman's ass, I have one too! hahaha.. just... not as hot.. I was talking bout the big part

The amazing festival was wrapped up by Alicia Keys. She herself, her performance blew me away. Now that's one talented hot singer, he said And I have to agree.

I searched Youtube for her last performance that night. Watch it! It's a MUST for it's MINDBLOWING!

Watching the clip reminded me of how much I missed being back there again; the atmosphere, the crowd singing along, the hair raising experience (in a good way!)
I really wished I could go back in time to be back there again, hell I'll even make a pact with the devil even if I have to. The feeling was.... totally unexplainable, you just have to be there to know what I mean

Despite the helliesh tiredness we had to go through, everything was worth it. And I mean EVERYTHING, every single penny spent, memories created, laughters shared throughout the whole thing and not to mention a whole new experience. After this, I'm really very very inspired to become a travel journalist now!*dream a lil dream* Life is a bitch huh?

So that wraps up my SingFest experience in Spore. Can't believe it was over. Why do happy times had to just zoom by? I still remember the time when we collected the tickets from Holiday Tour agency in Burmah Road and I was trying hard to keep the excitement in and not spill the beans. And now.. it's over. Gone.

Now my life is back to boring reality. I'll be out of town again tomorrow for a short trip, like hurray! Though I desperately needed sleep (lots of it!) but it's someone's special day and I will not miss it for the world, like NEVER

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