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Ok, I gotta confess. It was all an act.

Yes, an ACT.

It was an act, a performance we signed up to play in.

It is Singapore Arts Festival month, an art festival held annually in Singapore by the National Arts Council, of which during this month the festival incorporates theater arts, dance, music and visual arts, where approximately 70% of the events are put up by international artists.

When the bf showed me the brochure, I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with the lines of shows and performances planned for the entire month. Singapore rocks in this sense, it's never boring. We wanted to catch a play but since we found out about the event a tad too late, all the tickets were already sold out by the time we decided on it. We do have another choice, which is the ballet but I'm not too keen on watching guys jumping around in tight leotards doing various ballet poses.

There was something else that caught our attention. A theater performance called Etiquette.

Here's a summary of Etiquette:

"This is a play where you and another are the only actors and audience. Guided by headphones and told what to say and do, two participants perform a half-hour drama at a table in a public café amidst patrons oblivious to the performance taking place!

Intimate, witty and cleverly manipulative, Etiquette is a brilliant piece of reflexive theatre that exposes human communication at its rawest and explores the gap between language and meaning.

Participants play two characters that are led into micro-situations borrowed from film or theatre, manipulating objects that consist of two small figures, a plastic house, a phial of ‘blood’ and chalk.

Your performing partner could well be your closest friend, or even a total stranger. Whoever you are with, it will be an intriguing revelation."

Interesting, no?

The event was held in Dome Cafe, Marina Square. We actually read the name of the location wrongly and spent at least half an hour hunting for a non existent place -_-" a place called Marina Dome haha... blur case.

Walking through the mall towards the cafe was a torture. Whatmore.. the word SALES la! It was so hard trying to focus on locating the cafe when I was so tempted to walk in to almost every shop there is and shop till I drop dead. The bf said I'm a true shopaholic, he can see the desperation on my face @_@ Ok, I gotta give him that. I WAS INDEED DESPERATE!

Farking Spore Sales.


Moments later, we located the Dome cafe situated at the end of the mall. There was a booth where we purchased our tickets to....... read this...

Purchase our own tickets to our very own play. That actually sounds kinda pathetic but it's true.

Sistic, the same company where we purchased our Spore Music Festival tickets almost a year ago Man, that was super awesome.

We entered the cafe, and were directed to table near the window, seated opposite each other. On the table, we found a list of "items" that we will be utilizing during the play.

His tools is it me or this sound so wrong wtf

My tools

There was a short briefing from the crew on what this was all about. I felt the excitement mounting. If I can't dance in public, hell I'd settle to this even! Then we were all calm and ready to rumble!

And so this explains what the previous post was all about.

Thirty minutes seemed too short. I was very much engrossed in my role and and... I was just getting better! And then it had to end

We found this experience very refreshing and well, how can I say this.. one of a kind? Art, indeed, has its way of surprising you when you least expected it. And by the way, it wasn't real blood that I drank, like duh...

If you happened to be in Singapore, give this a try. Stage your own stage, let yourself free and act as if you'll never act again, it's worthwhile trust me, last till 13th June if I remember correctly.

Last but not least, here's a snapshot of The "prostitute" and the 60-year old man haha!

Whoa I like this picture because it makes me look very tanned and sporty and very Singaporean (don't most Sporean girls look sporty?), and my arm looked skinny too!

You can also checkout the website for other events and performances while it lasts.
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