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It was a tiring, effort drenching and DEFINITELY sweaty affair.

I have never spent so much hours under the sun those days when I was forced to march in the field under hot sun back in secondary school do not count under my own free will. Having paid so much for the festival ($300SGD), yes I’m definitely willing and will do anything to see the performances, even if I have to flash my boobs to the didi guarding the entrance, no I’m kidding, oh wait maybe I will consider doing that if Jason Mraz was playing and I was going to miss his performance.

End result? Uneven tan line on my back and chest :s but do I care? Hell, NO when I’m there! Why? Because most girls there are tanned! Like perfectly tanned from top to bottom, inside out! How come most Singaporean girls are damn hot one ar? Fair is no longer the IN thing dearest all, being TANNED is! Now you can discard that freaking sunblock and go out and soak out the sun once in a while ladies! Some tan will give you color instead of looking like a pale vampire lacking of blood. I’m serious, no kidding.. I feel proud for being unevenly tanned now

Ok back to the trip post… didn’t do much on the first day.. traveling down took most of the day and by the time we got to our lodging, we were tired, sweaty, smelly and desperately in need of shower. This of which I’m glad we can have our own private bathroom and not having to share with other people, yuck!

Was starving.. so went for early dinner ar Burger King, hell I’ll eat a cow raw if I have to.

After dinner, lepak around Clarke Quay, crashed at a Nectarie selling eye catching desserts that make you salivate the moment you see it.

Tiramisu with a touch of kahlua.. *melts*

Also had waffle with fresh strawberries.. been craving for one but this is nothing to brag about.

They have more choices but too full to input anything bigger than what we ordered.

Nighttime, Ee Von asked if I want to meet up for drinks but we decided to ditch her (sorry dear) and went to Night Safari instead. Damn those things really wanna test my eyesight at night. Who the hell go to a freaking zoo at night? But yea, it’s one of a kind experience, just like my dine in total darkness experience I had in Berlin long long time ago! Ben & Jerry for supper yay~!

Decided to call it a night and went back to lodging and crash in.


Sing Fest Day 1

Lunch we had Billy Bombers (I think that's the name ):

We made a huge mistake walking from our hotel all the way to Clarke Quay to Fort Canning which was like... long long long hot and tiring walk :s

Arrival time : 1pm - ish

Not many people bought the admission for Day 1. I should say, most of the performers for Day 1 were mostly rock bands. I’m not really a hardcore fan of rock band but I wanted to see Simple Plan so yes, for them I’ll go. I’ll tell you later how they made my day and night.

The prove that I was there! Haha damn lansi, so what sue me

They have 2 stages, Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 is where local bands were invited to perform. Stage 2 is where the real action takes place.

I was there long enough to know the price of every food and drinks sold at the place. Freaking expensive man -_-“

Let me give you an example:
Heineken - $10
Bacardi - $12
Nachos / Kebab / Hotdog - $6
Water - $2
Coke / Coke Zero - $3

Errmm yea so some breakdown of what we basically had there. Think we easily spent $100 on just food and drinks within 2 days, by eating unhealthily!

2pm –ish

People sitting outside waiting for the door to Stage 2 to open. They sat and line up in very proper manner lor, no cutting line or whatnot, very civilised unlike some Malaysians despite being kiasu and arriving there early just to secure a place to line up

3.30pm –ish

The door to stage 2 opened! People start running in and we ran along with the crowd!

Like going for some bull fight, I don’t know why that metaphor came to mind actually but YES! We’re definitely excited!

By the time we went in, of which I took my own sweet time taking pictures the front row had already been filled up with people, mostly teenagers.

So what do old mature people like me do? Settle down on the grass lor.

Freebie to fan yourself

First performer… don’t know who! Haha I know! What a start of blurness huh?

With the sun shining at its best and a temperature of at least 34 degrees, this man must be kidding me.

What the fuck is the scarf doing there? Isn't it hot enough?

too excited until climb up the rails to show what he’s got

Feminist bitch performer from Indonesia who kept stressing on girl power -_-“

Crowd gone wild!

I did too but no decent pics to put up here, sorry people..

More pics will spark more controversies so I shall keep the good ones to myself

Singapore chicks are hot!

Even the aunties hehe

Yes, make no mistake.. I should have gone there in bikini instead, at least my tan wont look so horribly ugly! argh! It was freaking HOT HOT HOT I can actually feel my brain getting fried up(not my original line actually). I was sweating profusely like a pig nonstop from the start till end. In a way, I secretly wondered if I lost any weight in the whole entire day under the hot sauna.

We were ridiculously dirty and sweaty bunch, how not to when we were running around to and fro to the front of the stage then back to our spot on the grass barefoot? On the bright side, it felt awesome and free even tho ppl might think we just came out from some kampong to have fun.

Nachos for…tea/early dinner? My day was full of cheese cheese and more cheese!

New Found Glory performance

They have super talented fat and chubby and cute base player

Hardcore fan of NFG went up the stage and played with them!

Kiss me!

Merlin came next and the lead singer was very very talented!

The guitar player is hot too! *drools* at the body

Then they had some Levis 501 Unbuttoned fashion show

How come fashion show in Malaysia don’t have hot males stripping half naked for us huh?

Next performer was Lost Prophets. I didn’t quite like the performance to be honest.. It’s kinda “dark” for me.

The one and only band that made my day and night, SIMPLE PLAN.

They were AWESOME!

Red pants is hot!

They ROCKed my world that night. When they sang "When I'm gone" I sang out loud to the extent that my voice became hoarse after that.

After that Travis was like… blah~~~! But I definitely have to give thumbs up to Travis for wrapping up the last show of the night. They played from 1130 till like a quarter to 1, super long performance. I was yawning every now and then and actually let out a big sigh of relief when it ended.

Were starving by the time we walked out from the place and thank god for 24 hours McDonalds! Another screwed up meal of fast food in McD's at 1 something in the morning. Way to go, huh?

So frigging tired that I crashed again so soundly that night! Whoa~ Day 2 here I come!

P/S: Some pictures are "taken" from double-u-double-u-double-u dot lifestyle dot ass gee

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