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This is the last entry for the Boracay trip. Catch Part 1 here.

Nothing much happened on the first night in Boracay. So I got drunk, we went back to the room to cleanup, took a nap of which I needed badly, woke up waaayy past dinner time, changed and went out hunting for food. I was 99% myself by then, thank god for the nap really.

One of the few places that were still open that time was Shakey's Pizza. We had Oreo milkshake to go with their huge family size Caesar salad.

Extremely sinful but good!

Glutton caught salivating over food

After dinner, we decided checked out the party scenes. Depends on whether you prefer softcore

or hardcore. No prize for guessing which place we ended up in.

No we didn't party hard. We wanted to wake up early to do/see more stuffs around Boracay.

We woke up at a pretty decent hour the next day, thankful not having to wake up at 4 in the morning just like what we did the nights before.

We walked along the almost empty sidewalk, looking for a place to fill our stomachs.

I guess we were too early for the rest of the tourists but the locals were already up and about early running around setting up their stalls and walking along the beach offering various services to ppl. I'm talking about massage and recreational services. By recreational services I mean diving, snorkeling, island hopping etc... well, clarifying just in case.

We stopped by a German cafe for breakfast where it should be mosquito-free since mosquitoes are CLEARLY WARNED that they're not allowed inside.

This was also the first time I experienced having to MAKE my own coffee AND PAY for it.

His breakfast

My humongous breakfast

We sat there for a while watching the day unfolds itself.

Some kiasu foreigners were already out "booking" their spots for the rest of the day.

After breakfast, we decided on the next thing to do. I think the bf wanted to go diving but didn't want to leave me rotting alone so we went snorkeling instead. This is what you get when you go on a trip with someone who's not adventurous

Went into a decent looking shop and rented some snorkeling equipment.
Snorkeling gear - 150 peso per pax
Boat - 600 per boat (for ~3 hours)
Altogether it was like 75 ringgit for the both of us, CHEAP!

Second snorkeling trip within 48 hours.

I took too many pictures of the ocean so I'm attaching a few of those

Seriously very nice lor~!

At this point, I'm not afraid to go under the sun. I've been toasted/burnt the day before anyway.

This is crocodile island, where rented boats stop around this area for tourists to snorkel.

IMHO Boracay is NOT the place to go snorkeling. Diving, yes, maybe.. but snorkeling.. well let's just say go with no expectation at all or be prepared for some disappointment. Sure everything was perfect on the surface but don't expect the same underwater. I think our very own Redang has better snorkeling site.. from the stories I've heard but then again I can't compare since I've never been to Redang either

Water vendors, canoe-ing their way from boat to boat selling various things from snacks to coconut water.

After Crocodile Island, we stopped by another beach where we attempted another snorkeling session. Only this time, it's worse than the first :S

Nah, you want bikini pictures, but sorry to disappoint you I'm not in one. Unlike the large woman in bikini, I'm very self conscious about my humongous thighs

We came back to shore feeling rather unsatisfied with what the island has to offer.

Even though we didn't really "workout" that much, we were tempted to buy fried banana from this woman.

No regrets, the fried banana was delicious! The bf with ruffled hair, VERY sexy! LOL

Well guess where we went back for lunch. The same beach bar where I got drunk the day before He wanted his dose of Mai Tai and I.. well.. a little traumatized with the experience the day before and vowed to control myself this time around.

Met one of the locals at the beach bar where he recommended us to try this local dish, gosh I forgot the name of this dish again but it's also very very nice! It tasted like a cross between chicken + potato soup.

I tried yet another local delicacy, this is Halo halo, the famous ice treat of Philippines. It consists of blended fruits, sweet preserves, evaporated milk, and shaved ice. Funny, I saw this on tv on the first night in Manila and I had to try it when I came across one.
Very unique indeed! I love it!

This picture was taken after the bf split a quarter of the cup before we even tried it -_-"

After another late lunch, we had a couple more hours to go before sunset. Yes! this time I made sure I stayed sober for the sunset! Since we have an hour more to kill we went kayaking, of which he claimed he's the one doing all the work -_-" Hey I swear did some work too ok? It's just that my "effort" was "overridden" by the stronger force behind

Made it back to shore just in time to capture some precious "artwork" of the magnificent sunset.

As we left to clean up before dinner, tables and chairs were seen setup along the beach for dinner.

We had all-you-can-eat barbeque dinner at the beach (nothing special actually)
We then wrapped up the night by chilling at one of the night beach bars where they had live performances.

Our last drinks in Boracay (this was after the Balot experience)

We ended the night considerably early as we had another early morning flight to catch to Manila in less than 6 hours.

And saving the best for last, this is my favorite sunset picture of Boracay, taken by the bf.

Time seemed to zoomed by when you're having fun. We were reaching the end of our intense, last minute, express backpacking trip. I have to say, lady luck was smiling at us throughout the entire trip. A lot of risk taking were involved during the trip of which includes waking up at odd hours and crashing to places with no expectations and reservations, most of the time finding ourselves landing on initial plan, even though we did have plan B(s), just to be safe.

Yes the trip was fantabulous. Boracay, regardless of the not-up-to-expectations snorkeling experience, was indeed beautiful and breathtaking. Everything was kept clean, not a spot of rubbish seen anywhere (unless of course you came across a puddle of pink vomit in the sand along White Beach )

With this, I now wrap up my "report" and "updates" on our Boracay trip

Thank you for reading, now if you'll excuse me, I need to look for new adventures to write.
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photo by: Deats