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A friend asked about my trip and if I ate balut for the second time in my life. I told him that we actually got offered by a street vendor if we wanted balut but at that time, we just had a big dinner and we had no water with us (to swallow it down) so we declined the offer, in case we puke out everything in the process, you know.. though I actually have to admit that I kinda shivered at the thought of having to eat it again gigil

So I told him about another delicacy in Palawan that we were offered to try. Here's how this friend interpreted Tamilok.

Me : someone asked if we wanted to eat tamilok

Friend : tamilok ?

Me : hehe yea

Friend : typo error ?

Me : go google... geli

Friend : u mean ... tai lok me ?

Me : tamilok is a type of worm... WTF?!

Me : Tai Lok Me? HAHAHAHA

Friend : a worm ?

Me : Tai lok me? in philippines? HAHAHAHA im going to blog this out

and I did...

This was what he thought....Tai Lok Mee

And this was what I was referring to: Tamilok, Palawan's delicacy

I actually don't mind trying it if it's cooked, steamed or fried or anything! But we were told that we'll have to eat it raw, after the insides are removed and cleaned, I don't know if I'm up for that... gigil and furthermore, they sell it by serving, i think it was 250gm per serving if I remember correctly?

Urgh, no thanks I think I'll pass.

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photo by: tnj30806