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Tricycle is one of the most famous means of transportation in the Philippines. It can either be motorized

or not

When we were there, we had the chance to tryout the simpler version, which was the non motorized tricycle. We rented it for 75 pesos, which was equivalent to approximately 5.80 ringgit per hour (yes, it's THAT cheap)

This is Mr Mah, carrying the tricycle to the walkway, because he was supposed to be the strongest one jelir

After much motivation, words of encouragement and *cough* help from the busybodies around him, he managed to drag the tricycle up to the walkway.

And now, we're ready for what he quoted as 'The ride of death'

The girls sat on the tricycle and had the time of our lives screaming and laughing to the way he maneuvered the tricycle. I did not understand why it was so hard to ride something so stable and you couldn't possibly fall off from.

So the macho side of me, who thought this is supposed to be easy peasy peanut, decided to take over the wheel. Mr Mah decided not to risk himself being my passenger so he decided to be the photographer while Ms Hew had absolute trust in me.

And so I started to cycle.

A few seconds behind the wheel, this was what happened.

She screamed for dear life while I tried my best to keep going straight. Yes, it was indeed harder than I thought fml, no... FOLs is more like it

First attempt FAILED

So I decided to practice on my own first, without any passenger. I refuse to believe I couldn't master this.

Oh yea, first few attempts were always ermm...what you call,

accident prone

Well of course, with practice and after more laughing and making a fool of myself in front of strangers I mastered it well

and can even camwhore while cycling, although one of the passengers still looked a lil scared wtf

Then we forced persuaded her to try it, insisting that she could not possibly fall because it's so stable and she did.

But we decided to make matters worse for her.

By snapping this pic, could we possibly be this traumatized?

Well his pale face and blank expression certainly explained everything after a few rounds of tricycle ride with 2 crazy women behind the wheels gelakguling

It was indeed, a night to remember. star

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photo by: Deats