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Waking up at 4 in the morning on March 7th proved to be a good bet. In less than 12 hours, we found ourselves stepping into an island many quoted as "The Paradise"

The sun was at its best performance shining brightly in the sky when we stepped out from the airport. Within a few meters from the terminal exit, we were swarmed by taxi drivers, locals, tour agents offering their services and help to us.

"Taxi sir? Madam? Taxi?"


We weren't so convinced on trusting just about anyone throwing themselves at us so we continued walking until we were approach by a man, probably in his late 30s, clad in a green polo shirt with a tag around his neck. He introduced himself as ??? (what's his name honey I forgot -_-" nvm not important) let's call him Abog (some Filipino name I got from Google).

Abog looked sincere enough to help us. and fragile, and small size, I think I could take him out haha He explained that he was dispatched by the government to offer help and services to tourists and that we need not worry about paying a single cent for his help. These "official" help from the government can be identified from the green polo t shirt and tag they're wearing.

"Awesome! It's not like we have enough money to pay you too" we thought Free service, we'll take it! We needed it (damn cheapo couple I know)

Abog then led us outside to a counter where we had to pay boat fees and other misc fees to board the boat to the island.

Everything included. Tricycle, boat and what the heck is environmental fees?!

We had to take a tricycle taxi to the jetty. Abog offered to take a picture of us. Little did he know what made this picture special is the damn tricycle! Ok la, can still see a bit so not too bad.

5 or 10 mins later, we arrived at the jetty. The boat was already waiting.

Boarded the boat with Abog following behind and again he offered his shaky photography service.

The view of the ocean was simply breathtaking. I have never seen so many shades of blue in my life. Sky - Blue, Ocean - Blue, luckily mood was everything BUT blue

The boat ride took about 15 mins, I think, don't remember. I was too busy sucking in the scenery around me. The feeling there and then was just too good and too impossible to describe. This is life, I remember thinking to myself. Everything was so bright, shiny and cheery you really feel like you have landed in paradise from the sunny shades to oversized hats to flip flops to sundress to flowery Hawaiian print shirts to tanned golden brown skin, to backpacks, even to the excited conversations we overheard.

The jetty of the island in sight.

Landing in Boracay island, a must camwhore pic!

From the jetty, we boarded another taxi tricycle to get us to the White Beach with a flat rate of 100 peso, no more or less. Since we had no reservations for accommodation, Abog offered to help us look.

Walking towards the beach! At this point I was trying to avoid the sun more than anything. Obviously, I wasn't well equipped with sunblock and more freckles are itching to make their appearances!

We settled for a room in a resort called Alice in Wonderland, I think it was around 1600 - 1800 peso a night, I don't remember the exact amount (note to self: Blog everything as soon as I get back so I won't keep forgetting stuffs) It's a shame I forgot to take pictures of the resort. They had a small pool, a small hut in the middle selling food and juices and we even had a hammock right outside our room! Too bad we never made full use of it, or ANY use of it for that matter.

The bedroom, hey not too bad. At least they had hot water this time around

We checked into the room, thanked Abog for his help and then what? Find ATM to pin money la what else! Get changed, put on ridiculous amount of sunblock and start heading to the beach!

Boracay, is it truly your Asia beach paradise? They touch up these sand castles everyday! By keeping them in shape and changing the dates.

Lots of ella ella ella eh eh (erm u know what I mean) lining along the beach.

The only thing I don't like about the water. Green algae! They get into your bikini, speedos (GAWD, bf said who in the world still wear Speedos :P) Please guys, stop looking gay and buy yourself a decent pair of swimming pants. Speedos are soooo yesterday. If you want to get a chick, Speedo is not in the list (*shrug innocently and point finger to bf* HE SAID IT! I just agreed )

Our resort was 5 mins walk to the beach. We walked along the White Beach passing countless restaurants, more hotels and resorts looking for an ATM. Found one, took money and looked for internet cafe. We needed to plan how to get out from there, the earlier the better, so we don't have to worry about it later. It was such a nice place we decided to spend 2 nights there. Purchased Cebu Pacific tickets out from Boracay for early Monday morning.

Food is everywhere. The only thing you need is MONEY.

Feeling relieved that we've settled the last hassle to go back to Manila, we took a stroll along the beach, just enjoying the peace and serenity offered to us. The sand felt soft and velvety underneath our feet. It was truly white, pure and I know now why they named it the White Beach.

The next best thing to do. PIG OUT! We were starvvvviiinnggg~ or more like I was starving because I skipped the early breakfast in Legaspi at 6.30 in the morning. We crashed at this cool looking bar facing the beach.

After placing our food and drinks order, bf went to take a dip in the ocean. I took this pic while he waded into the water. He took a splash...

Then I took a splash dip.

Then we started getting drunk. At 4 in the afternoon.

Nothing beats a chilled beer and pina coladas by the beach! Singing to Sean Kingston 'Take You There'

We can go to the tropics
Sip pina coladas
Shorty I could take you there

Happy! Cheers to paradise~! Cheers to vacation~! Cheers to the perfect day~! Cheers to US~! Cheers to good life~! Cheers to the great decision to come here~! Cheers to the suckers back at home who are missing this~!

After what seemed like ages, the food finally came. The fries were so fresh and good!

After a bottle of San Miguel Light and a serving of pina colada (on an empty stomach mind you), I started to get tipsy. The picture below was not because of sunburn, it was from the alcohol -_-" I know, my alcohol tolerance is not exactly something I'm proud of.

And then we ordered THE drink that knocked me out flat. MAI TAI. Hmm I thought it was a local thing but when I checked with God aka Google, I was told that it's originated from US. There are a lot of versions to prepare a Mai Tai, in fact too many I don't even know the real ingredients for this mix @_@ It's ok, as long as it tasted good, the rest does not matter.

Bf's favorite drink the entire time we were in Boracay

Ok, I have to stop here.


after the Mai Tai, I was VERY tipsy. It was almost sunset so with much effort, I dragged myself to the beach to secure a good spot for sunset. We didn't have to walk far. Because I can't. I crashed onto the sand and basically just....

passed out there... for bout almost 2 hours or so. My back was burnt but I don't give a damn at that point of time. I just wanted to be more awake to go through sunset. Or so I thought. I didn't, my system just shut down on me. Tell me about it, who the heck so LAME got drunk from that little amount of alcohol -_-"

FYI, You're reading her blog now.

When the sun started to set, bf gave me a nudge

"Sharon, you're gonna miss the sunset"

I purred or made some funky animal noise I don't know but basically I was lying face down on the sand and I couldn't move a limb. So damn sia sui (embarrassing) I tell you. I turned to face up and tried opening my eyelids. They felt heavy, I just want to close them and go back to sleep. But at the same time I wanted to see the sunset!

After a while, the bf tried waking me up again...

"Wake up baby, you're embarrassing me" (I was such an embarrassment ok!)

I tried to wake up, I really do! But I just can't summon the strength to do more than just to make a silly animal noises wtf!

And then I felt the storm coming. Slowly.....I tried to dismiss it.

No, you're not going to be more of an embarrassment than what you already are now, I told myself. Hold it! Hold it!

Ok there you go girl, good job.. you'll be fine.. just sleep a little longer, fuck sunset for now, there's still tomorrow to catch it.

Just when I thought everything will be fine, it happened. Fast, unexpected, massive and.......... pinkish.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,I farking vomited and tainted the pureness of the white sandy beach in the process. Ok, I don't want to be more gross and tell you what I did with the pink vomit in the sand, you go figure it out :P

And then sunset was over. Bf was disappointed in me -_- Catch sunset konon. It was getting dark and we decided to head back to our room for a shower and perhaps, to catch up on some sleep.

It took forever to get the sand off my body. While washing, I thought of something funny and told bf bout it. He shook his head, amazed with my ability to connect them both together.

I said to him

"Now I know what the environmental fees are for. I just made full use of mine" HAHAHA

Stories on the second day in the next entry. I hope you've enjoyed this one as much as I do blogging bout it
bashmentbabe says:
lol @ Environmental fees :)
Posted on: Apr 16, 2011
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