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Note : Ok, so I may not be completely done with Manila yet jelir

If there's one person you SHOULD NOT trust to recommend the best place to party the night away, it's the TAXI DRIVER. Trust me, trust us, been there, done that, we almost crashed at one of the most dodgiest place.

The story started with 3 crazy/adventurous friends looking to experience Manila's nightlife. They had one place in mind, called the Embassy, a posh club reputable for it's beautiful people AND famous people, great music and the best place to party. In their clubbing attire, they hopped into a taxi and instructed the taxi driver to drive them to the place where the party's at. Taxi driver made small conversations and from him, they found out that Embassy club was closed like 6 months ago -_-" FTLs

That left no other option for the friends, no plan B, nothing. So they did something they wished they hadn't done, which was to ask the taxi driver for recommendation on where to party.

He said 'Roxas Boulevard my friend. Have you been there?'

Roxas Boulevard, the name sounds posh enough isn't it? He assured them that it's THE BEST and MOST HAPPENING place to party and that they can get everything they want there. Food, party and show after that. In their innocent imagination, Roxas Boulevard should look something like this

So they took a gamble and told the taxi driver to take them there. It was a long drive. No posh neighborhood can be seen the more they traveled that they're beginning to doubt their decision.

'I will do a U-turn and its just around the corner' he said.

This particular girl looked out the window and saw no fancy lightings. As he turned in, she was beginning to see the 'light'. There was no fancy upscale lightings but there were FLASHING NEON LIGHTS, words like KTV, LIVE SHOWS, BAR all blinking demanding for attention.

'You gotta be kidding me'

The three of them were speechless. What have they gotten themselves into? This was no upscale place, no decent party to be found here. The place looked very much ghetto, dark and not the kind one would feel safe to be walking in a group, whatmore alone.

They turned to each other trying to decide what to do. Started conversing in Cantonese

'I don't think I'll feel safe here'

'There's no way I'm going down'

'Yea it's much too dodgy'

'This is sooo ghetto!'

'Let's just go back to the ex Embassy place and gamble our chances there'

So they told the taxi driver to take them back to the place they had initially planned to go.

'You no like shows sir?' that SOB driver even had the guts to ask. Later they found out he meant live sex show -_-

'They' were us, the 3 innocent tourists looking for their first night out together in Manila.

I felt cheated of the 400 pesos we paid for bringing us merry go around lor!

Nevermind, we looked for a place to have dinner. Again, we got cheated by appearance. The restaurant looked so elegant on the outside armed with security guards and even a certain dresscode has to be followed xpasti We felt like VIP walking into the place.

But the service sucked, food was just so-so and don't make me go to the music part. Pitbull sounds so gay singing the mellow version of 'I know you want me' FHL

Ok, again some obligatory food pictures

Sisig (again)

Seafood grill

Garlic chicken

After dinner, we decided to checkout Lencore, which used to be ex Embassy

I thought the cover charge will be like waaaay over the top but we were surprised when it was only 500 pesos (roughly RM38) with 3 drinks included! Cheap cheap! A MUST GO!

It looked really nice and posh inside too

The VIPs aka the super rich and famous people's table are in the middle. In this place as long as you have and flash your USDsssss you're treated like a KING. You can even get a bodyguard to escort you to the loo I kid you not.

Not a bad crowd afterall

I love this picture of us, taken by a woman who was in one of the VIP tables.

We didn't have a place to stand so we stood near their table. I thought she was kind enough to let us stand there but she got bitchy after a while and told us off. Blardy arrogant bitch.

And then a Chinese Filipino tried to pick us up. He was actually trying to pick Crystal up but that girl shoved him to me wtf?! This is her version

"But seriously, if girls goes to a club with a guy, the others guys will not hit on you. Once Zeek left to the bathroom, a guy came and approached us.. He was asking politely if we have any other friends or guys around. And he asked if he can befriend us. Such a gentlemen, don't you think. But i didn't really talk less paying attention to him so, I let Sharon layan him while i continued dancing..hahaha...what? Its kinda hard to chat in a noisy club okay..."

I bet it would have been a different story if he's hotter around

Here's the conclusion we came to that night

1) One should really go party in Manila. It's not too pricey if you're not looking to get drunk

2) If you're looking to 'wash eye', it's the best place to be at. Beautiful, hot gorgeous people are abundant.

3) People can be friendly to you. Girls, just don't go with male company and vice versa. Your chances increase that way, wth you should know this already, it's common sense!

Ok, all in all I just want to stress what a fun night it had been, despite the few FOLs moment we had prior to the event.

It's not the number of people you go with that counts, it's WHO you go with that matters kenyit

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