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I have a love-hate relationship about staying in hostels or sharing a dorm with strangers. I hate the fact that we have to take turns to use the bathroom, I hate the fact that we have to share the fan or power outlets, and I especially hate people disturbing my sleep when they came back in the middle of the night or vice versa (yes I feel guilty about that) If there's one thing I like about staying in hostels or dorms, even though it was my first time in Manila, it was meeting new people from different parts of the world.

We shared the place with 3 other students from the states who were like waaaay very young, and when I said young, I mean like below the legal drinking age. We didn't talk that much with them. There was another guy who is a Filipino but living and working in California who slept above me, a guy whom I refer to as the Philippines talking directory. A friendly guy whom we can spend hours talking and listening to him telling funny stories about his adventures in different places :)

It was too bad he's leaving the place to go back to California on our second day there. And even in that shortest period of time, we exchanged so much stories and laughter it almost felt like we're leaving an old friend behind. We exchanged emails and contacts.. let's hope Rich (short for Richmond) will keep in touch with us. I'd love to pay him a visit in California one day when I'm able to afford the trip, there's just so much to learn from him!

Another photo for rememberance with Rich and Poy before we bid our goodbyes and went on with our second day itinerary

We felt like we'd gone all out on the first day rushing to different places in the city playing tourist so on the second day, we decided to take it easy and do a bit of both sightseeing and shopping.

Before that, first things first, we had breakfast at Seven Eleven, Zeek said the stuffed pandesal there was not to be missed.

He's right. At 20 pesos (~RM1.50) per bun, it was a very satisfying meal. The bun is soooo soft and yummy I could eat it alone even without the stuffing. Another must try if you should ever visit Philippines kenyit

We boarded a cab and went to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. I know how this sounds like, b.o.r.i.n.g. But it was a decision we never regretted.

Visitor center, looks familiar?

He said I was bias for choosing to pose with the American flag rather than the Philippines around ermm no comment

And then comes the more interesting part, the cemetery itself.

Here in this place lie the headstones of 17,206 graves for US personnel killed during World War II. The headstones are made of marble which are aligned in eleven plots forming a generally circular pattern, set among masses of a wide variety of tropical trees and shrubbery.

This is one of the twenty-five large mosaic maps on the walls

And you thought you only see this in the movies don't you?

The place was definitely well kept with the grasses nicely mowed and which only attracts two things; people who are interested in the achievements of the United States Armed Forces in the Pacific, China, India and Burma AND photography enthusiasts.

Yes it was indeed a beautiful day to be out in the sun and for pictures.

Happy Sharon smiling gleefully to the camera in a cemetery, very oxymoronic -_-

I love a lot of pictures that we took in this very place like this picture of the 3 of us on the green green carpet grass,

and another picture of me and Crystal, gotta love the clouds at the background

another picture of me and Zeek

of me and Crystal under the tree with our legs looking very much elongated lol

Then we asked this stranger, don't remember his name, to take another funny shot of us

I have no idea what we're trying to do but I love the outcome HAHA

My idea of laying on the grass and camwhore. It's just perfect!

We spent like an hour plus taking countless pictures at the place. If I show you another STAR jump shot, I think you're going to kill me so I shall spare you the ordeal. jelir even my travelmates are bored of me doing my STAR jump bising

Next, we planned to do a bit of shopping so we went to Glorietta shopping mall in Makati City.

The only thing we bought there was....

Krispy Creme -_- We indulged in different flavors that we were sugar overdosed by the end of the meal.

The mall proved to be too expensive for us (coz we're really cheap like that) so we went to another mall where we can get great goods for good bargains and it's none other than Greenhills.

Had Chinese food in Greenhills cause we were feeling a bit heaty from all the fried and grilled food we had the day before jelir

Siu mais in the Philippines are the best. I've never had siu mai bursting with so much meat before

The whole scene was like Petaling Street in a mall.

You can find anything and everything under the sun for cheap prices, as long as you know how to bargain for it.

Nikes for less than 50 ringgit are abundant!

My stuffs all for less than RM100, because of these 3 pairs of shoes I had to leave one of my old pair of heels behind because my backpack cant fit them all in -_-

I should have gotten this pair of funky glasses too for clubbing HAHA very Kanya West!

Don't be surprised if we started eating again cause we did. Again Zeek die die also want to try this place

selling high end desserts

We tried 6 different flavored macaroons

and this mango thingy.. err dont remember the name but it was awesome!

After dessert we decided to call it a day and hailed a taxi back to our hostel. I was feeling a little heaty and my nose was damn sensitive from too much air cond blasting my way in the malls that it started running FML We wanted to get some rest before becoming nocturnal creatures we will be in a few hours time...

And by nocturnal, I think you can guess what we'll be doing next kenyit

to be continued.....Hasta la vista peeps!
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