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I was going to take my own sweet time to blog this out, waiting and hoping for inspiration to strike but my dear blogger friend is too impatient for me to upload all the pictures in facebook (you know who you are) so I am now under pressure to blog this out fast.

I hope you're well prepared to read this post for it's going to be VERY long, time consuming read and with loads and loads of pictures. There are just too many pictures that I like and feel like sharing out so... bear with me! senyum

My journey to Manila started at approximately 5pm on a Thursday where I boarded Aeroline bus to OneUtama. I had actually purchased a plane ticket to KL earlier but the stupid me bought the last flight down from AA which was at 10.25pm and my friends advised me against taking it for Air Asia is reputable for delays. So to stay on the safe side, I decided to take the bus instead.

Reached OneU at about 9.30pm, Zeek fetched me and we went to his place where he had booked a taxi to take us to LCCT. We met up with Crystal, another blogger friend who will be going on this crazy trip with us. I only met Crystal once, but both Zeek and her have not met before but this girl is definitely daring enough to go on this crazy adventure with us! And we're so glad she came along! She's as funny, crazy and talkative, if not more than the both of us haha

And they seemed to hit it off well kenyit which I'm glad cause no PR work from me needed

Our flight to Manila was scheduled for 1.20am on Friday

I was real excited upon seeing the plane, certainly can't wait to go back there again.

I didn't know this is that huge in Philippines @_@ Should I not travel alone there in future?

The flight took about 3 hours and 40 mins from KL to Manila. When we touched down in Ninoy Aguino International Airport in Manila at 5 in the morning. 5! FOLs.. what were we supposed to do at such early hours?

We decided to grab a cab outside the departure hall because the cabs outside the arrival halls are more expensive and the rates are fixed. One may haggle for cheaper rates too. It cost us 300 pesos for a taxi ride from the airport to our hostel.

We chose to stay in Makati area, which is about 20 minutes ride from the airport. This is the building of our hostel, but the exact place is really only a studio apartment converted into a small hostel which can accommodate 7 people maximum at one time.

This is our accommodation for the next 2 nights in Manila, a small but cosy place called 'Our Melting Pot' (found from

The woman talking in the picture is Poy (pronounced as Poi) the caretaker of the place. She was very helpful and it didn't take her long to make us feel at home.

This is the small living cum dining area where everyone sits to rest, talk or eats breakfast.

I like this special touch of displaying the time from different parts of the world.

Which such comfortable, cosy place, of course we felt the need to start camwhoring despite being tired and smelly malu

Rules and regulations we have to adhere to during our stay there.

It's good, I definitely don't want some stranger bringing back another stranger and start humping on the bunk on top of me -_-

And yes! No snoring please!!!

We were still waaaayy too early for check-in so we asked Poy if she could bring us to the top of the building to catch sunrise. We did, well part of it anyway, there was another building blocking in front so we couldn't really see it. But capturing the burst of colors on the horizon was good enough.

Another view from our building

We STILL had too much time to kill so we decided to walk around the area just to get familiarize with the place and also to hunt for food.

Are you kidding me? I seldom see obese people in Manila and here it is, a sign for Liposuction right in the middle of the city? And yes, at 7 something in the morning, we actually heard people singing karaoke.

A road named after Hercules

Interesting sign for laundry place sengihnampakgigi

Couldn't decide what to eat so settled down at Goldlilocks

That's quite a lot of food for breakfast don't you think? There were rice on the side.

We were impatient to start our day early so we went back to the hostel to shower and get ready. And finally get a good view of the place we'll be staying for the coming nights! It's just lovely don't you think?

I especially like the curtains at the bunks you can draw close for privacy so no one can see you sleep with mouth open or drool wtf

An hour later, after meeting our hostelmates, a fresh shower and a nice clean change, we're ready to paint Manila RED!

Obligatory camwhore pic in the cab HAHA

Another obligatory pic before digging in our Halo Halo dessert. A great thirst quencher for a hot day.

Our first destination was Quiapo church, a place Zeek recommended we had to see on a Friday. This is the day where the weekly novena is held and thousands of people come to the church for prayers

The majestic view of Quiapo Church from the little square outside

The place was full of people; people who came for prayers or street vendors selling all sorts of products ranging from flowers to balloons to accessories to food

This church is also special in that it is home to the Black Nazerene, a much venerated statue of Jesus Christ which many people believe has miraculous attributes, and IF I remember correctly, the one and only one in the world? Am not sure, might be wrong bout that. But I'd like to consider myself lucky to have seen this almighty figure :)

Gotta love this picture of the 3 of us in front of the church star

Next! It was time to hunt for food aka lunch. We decided to go to Aristocrat, where I had my first Philippines orgasm last year drinking its blended iced lemon tea hehe

I.JUST.HAD.TO.DO.A.JUMP.SHOT.HERE wtf, it's like leaving a trademark everywhere now jelir

Here in the same restaurant for 2 years continously

This is it, my orgasmic iced lemon tea, so good!

Aristocrat should pay me for the free advertisment wtf I know it's an ugly shot but it's still free advertisement ma!

Ok, back to the food.

This is sisig, simply minced meat served on a sizzling platter with chili, liver, onion and seasoned with calamansi and vinegar. VERY VERY good. Sinful, fattening but too good to pass on.

Aristocrat's famous pork ribs (recommended by the waiter) Very few bones, just meat and more juicy meat. Another orgasm need I say more?

Diet? Who cares about diet on vacation? It's obvious I had a hard time resisting it.

This was my recommendation, having had it last year, Machedo, simply beef stew with potatoes and carrots but I love it.

It was a good hearty meal.

Manila Bay under the hot sun.

Next up is St Augustin Church, also my second time here but since it's Crystal's first time, we played tourist again. And of course I don't mind when I'm back with better camera for better pictures :p

There was a wedding

Yet we crashed the place, so that technically made us the wedding crashers

The bride arrived in style

More photos of the place should be uploaded on my facebook soon.

Next, we did another touristy thing, which was to take a horse ride around Intramuros.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, only interrupt when necessary.

Who's that irrelevant intruder at the back flashing his teeth?

Manila Cathedral

Fort Santiago

View of the river from the fort

Erm I don't know what this place is called

City Hall

Silly things we did..

Took cheapo pre wedding pictures

Emo shots (as usual)

Failed artistic shot, model not good enough

The entire afternoon was spent sightseeing and taking pictures around Intramuros. It was very tiring for us especially when we didn't get enough sleep in the plane and it had been a long long day for us.

Dinner came and we decided to hunt for food at Fort Bonifacio, a high end place with lots of high end restaurants to choose from. The place reminded me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, seriously!

Of all the restaurants we choose to dine in the crappiest place FOLs

Ok I admit it was my fault, I decided we should go to this restaurant because they sell cheap San Miguel beers, I think it was 210 pesos (16 ringgit) for a bucket.

Nice cheap beer, good company but sucky food I do not wish to elaborate bleh~

After dinner, we decided to sin more by eating dessert.

A good wrap for a long tiring day...

*yawn* time to call it a day.

wealthyminds says:
Wow, that's a great photo-story!! I found your blog while reading the reviews on "Our Melting Pot" hostel. Thanks for helping me make up my mind to stay at this hostel!
Posted on: Dec 28, 2012
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