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Our train home was late afternon so we could only really do stuff in the morning. As we had crammed in most of the siteseeing we wanted to do yesterday, we decided to do either the Louvre or the cemetary where Jim Morrison is buried.  We settled on the Louvre as it was much closer and we could save money by walking there.

I was pretty ill by this point - a head cold that had ben brewing for the last few days hit me full force today but I managed to struggle around a fair portion of the museum (its absolutely HUGE!).  The highlight was of course the Mona Lisa.  I always get a kick out of seeing something so well known with my own eyes.  By lunchtime we couldn't walk any more so went to the latin quarter and spent ages trying to find a restaurant that sold steak as well as something a veggie could eat.

  We finally found somewhere with a menu that contained pretty much every food dish in the world that has ever been eaten so that kept us both happy.  I had french onion soup to start which was divine. 

After lunch there wasn't really time to do anything else so we sat in a cafe and had a beer (1 1/2 pints = 12Euros.  Ouch!), then lugged our stuff from the hotel to Gard de Nor to catch the Eurostar home.  We were over an hour late leaving Paris due to someone throwing themselves under a train further along the track.  By this time I felt really really ill - I couldn't stop coughing much to the annoyance of everyone else in the carriage.  The train also seemed to go faster than it did on the way and I was soon felling super quesy in addition to everything else. After what seemed like a year we got back to London which was significantly warmer that Paris had been.  People looked at us as if we were made talking about how nice and warm it was on the tube!

I'd just like to point out that Janaka came down with my cold that night and took the next 4 DAYS off work! I didn't take one!!  At one point he actually called me at work to say he felt so ill he thought he could call the Swine Flu hotline!  Seriously!!

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photo by: Sweetski