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Woke up at 5:30am and in 30 mins the Moslem chanting will begin. Oh not just one, but 2 chanting competing with each other. There's the Chinese Temple and the Moslem Mosque. That's great that they pray so frequently. I mean seriously. Howard mentioned over dinner last night, that no wonder the Moslems are the richest in the world, they are religious, they pray all the time. There were no further comments from the group, or perhaps they'd rather keep it to themselves.

Today, I'm taking the bus to KL Int'l Airport (KLIA), then take a ZED flight to Penang thru Malaysia Air.
Just like when I went to Malakka, I don't have a hotel reservation yet, but I have an idea where to stay. Wish me luck! Forecast for Penang is 94 F, whoooo!

The bus to KL was 15-20 mins late, the Australian guy I met was really pissed off. He had a flight to catch to Bali and he was afraid he was going to miss it. I said "Dude welcome to Asia'' Don't expect everything here will be on time, just like your home in Australia. The bus was comfy, with a/c, but it got too cold and uncontrollable! The Dutch guy in Malaka was right. "What's up with Malaysian air conditioners"? Whether ít's in a hotel room or in a bus, it always gets too cold. That's why he opted to ride in a bus with no a/c to Penang. Anyway, we arrived at KLIA on time after all, around 2:30pm local time. The Aussie gave me a thumbs up. See, everything went fine after all his worrying.

And me, I ended up at the wrong terminal. I didn't know KL has 2 airports. The fist stop we had, I read "Domestik"' flights, so I got off. Found out this is all mosty AsiaAir flights! So I had to wait for another bus to get me to KLIA. After a 30 min bus ride and RM2.50, I made it to the 6pm flight. The good thing about flying stand by was you have more flexibility. You can get on a flight whenever you're ready.

The Malysian Air CSA was really nice, he knows ZED listing and he listed me on the next available flight. I had one hour to spare which I decided to eat. Ahh, they have a ton of variety of Asian food to choose. I just pointed to the fried rice with shrimps, not spicy, a safe bet + I treated myself for some buko juice, in a shell. It's really refreshing to see buko shells displayed on the counter! You'll never see this in America, of course not.

The flight was quick, 30 mins and we're already to Penang. I like the fact that Malaysian Air serves guave juice on board. There's 2 other choices, the boring OJ and Milo - which woudl have been my 2nd choice. The peanuts was rich and crispy, very Asian, just like what I want :)

Since I want to save money, I took the bus from Penang Airport to my hotel. 1 hr bus ride, a/c, was RM$2.50, then I ended up taking a cab in town to get to my hotel.

Room with clean bed and sheets, TV, bath and a/c was RM58, the highest I paid in a room so far. IT's alright, it's only $20.00.

J called me at my hotel, although I told him he didn't need to. We'll be meeting in Krabi, and hopefully in KL this weekend.

I''m hearing the morning prayer chants again, and I'm learning to like it. It motivates me to meditate. Maybe I should convert :)

Time to get my day started, first get some breakfast.






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photo by: Aurora78