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90 F today in Malacca as usual. I started my day with a dimsum breakfast, where it's serve downstairs, recommended by Chen, the staff at the house. Ahh, I'm also seeing chicken feet on the selection, which I skipped. I told the owner, I don't have Malaysian Ringgit and need to change my Singaporean money. He said I can eat first, then pay later. He then cooked up some Chung Fun on the counter which was really tempting. I thought I was done for breakfast, but no I wanted Chung Fun. It's basically a soft flat noodle with shrimps and meat bits on it, then he sprinkles it with dried garlic and put some sauce. Then I ordered some sesame balls for my sweet tooth and viola, I was in heaven! :) Bill was RM9.80, about US$3.10. Good stuff.

After breakfast, I explored town. Visited Christ Church, Chinatown-Jonker St again. Also I took a cab to see Chitty Village. It was kinda 'shitty', not something I really expected. I will write more about it. Since this is kinda out of the city, it was hard getting a cab again. I stood there for almost 30 minutes til I got a cab.

Today, I also saw the Ching Hoon Temple, Malaysia's oldest traditional temple dating back from 1646. This remains a central place of worship for Buddhists in Melaka. The temple is dedicated to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. All building materials are imported from China along with artisand involved in construction. It's quite an explosion of black, red and gold. I saw other sites which I will discuss sometime.

For lunch, I just had the not so unusual roast duck, one of my favorites when I go to RIchmond, BC in Canada. They have it so juicy and tender! I got kinda adventurous on the drinks today, I had some seaweed with lime juice! Hehe. I didn't even finish it, it was only $.75 cents. So I ordered a 3-layer drink, a typical Malakan drink.

Dinner time, Howard tried taking us again to that vegetarian place. He said it's so "good that it tasted like meat". It must be good :) But they were closed! Perhaps they are on vacation, I said. We biked to the beach to catch the sunset, ran into the co-owner of Howard's business and chatted for a bit. I'd like to spend time here during the day at the beach, they fly kites, big ones, and colorful ones, but I won't have time anymore.

We ended up having Chinese food just downstairs at our hotel. I think they specialize in Hainanese. We had oyster omelette, crispy lemon chicken, some yumm crispy fresh Chinese broccoli. As usual, it was tasty, and I paid only US $3.00 including couple of glasses of tapioca drinks. Gee, I can live here for $10/day !

This is a new group of travellers btw. We have a couple from Ireland, another Dutchman, a French girl and of course me :) Chen and Sam the house staff couldn't make it.

J is supposed to call me, but I txt him that I may not be at the house by 830pm, we just started ordering the food. We will most likely meet either in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. He's so busy he's still working at 830pm. So we'll see.

Then we went on for a bike ride for the evening. Tonight it's cooler and I didn't realize how close the place where I stayed to all other sites that I tried to get to
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I woke up early, I think 530am, and I saw Paru's brother sleeping in the living room. For breakfast, I was served kopi and pandan kaya sandwich. Yumm! I am learning to like kaya that I thought of buying a jar for my Dad, for his regular snacking.

Today, I head out to Malacca, taking the train to Lavender station, then get on an express, air conditioned bus to Malacca. LP says it costs S$25, but I only got charged S$20.00.

The bus is clean and comfy. The passengers are mostly tourists, and Caucasian looking. A few minutes later, I struck up a conversation with one of the 4 Aussies. They're a couple in their 30s, maybe early 40s, travelling with the guy's parents for the first time in Malaysia. It will be the 3rd time for the Aussie girl and her boyfriend. They saw my Lonely Planet book on Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei and wanted to borrow it which I gladly offered.

The conversation came up about my need to find a place to stay in Malacca. She then perused thru the book and moments later gave me 2 recommendations. One is Roger's Foyer, a budget homestay style place, and a high end place which I vaguely remember.

The roads are well paved and clean. First stop was the Malaysian customs, then another stop for luggage check. It was quick and easy. On the 2nd stop, I was asked by the Malaysian Immigration Officer, a Moslem.

Her: What is your address in Malaysia? You left it blank here
Me: Because I don't know, I don't have one, I have yet to find a place to stay.

I almost asked her "do you know of a nice place to stay?" which I didn't bother asking.

Then we went for a 20 min lunch stop. I decided to have the fish ball soup, something Paru mentioned that I should try it. The problem is, I didn't have Malaysian Ringgit, I only got Singaporean money. Turned out that they also accept Sing $, and even was willing to exchange. I will post pics here soon.

When we arrived at Malaka Bus Central Terminal, I really didn't have enough RM to pay for a cab to Roger's Foyer. I browsed the shops and asked the local police how to get to town by bus. I got on the bus for only RM1, wow!

I told the bus driver I needed to get off at Portugis. Turned out there are 2 Portugises, one in Chinatown and the other outside the city. I wanted to get off while we were not far (reminds me of my experience in Helsinki), and he said to stay in the bus as he was coming back anyway. So I stayed and after walking for 2 blocks pushing my 15 kg spinner luggage, I found Roger's Foyer.

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