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I finally got a seat for the UA flight to Singapore, on a Boeing 777. I also saw the 2 guys who were stand by passengers on yesterday's flight.

It was an 8 hour flight! The plane food was ok, Korean chicken barbecue, and I was seated on the Exit row (2 people only). The plane landed at 12:05am, and I had to wait til the morning to call Frank, my host in Singapore.

My friend J was right, Changi Airport is something to write home about. It just doesn't feel like any other airport I have ever been to in the world. It is a genuinely friendly yet efficient place where you can experience peace and quiet and feel stress free in a calm and clean environment. I haven't seen an airport that can compete with its vastness, cleanliness and friendliness. I was lucky to have spent a few hours there that it yielded me more than 59 photos of its architecture.

Food and shops are there to please your needs, free wifi in the terminal and even comfy chairs that you can sleep on. I really wouldn't mind getting stuck here for hours and hours, only if my Mac gets plugged in. I realized I didn't bring the cord that connects to the adapter. The Tourism Info counter also gave me a userid and password for internet access. My laptop had enough juice for me to access Frank, my host's home address and telephone #.

At 8am, I tried calling Frank, 2-3 times, I left a VM the first time and no answer. Frank is a classical pianist based in Singapore who was willing to host me while I'm in Singapore. I had directions to his condo but I have to inform him first that I was coming.

While making the calls and waiting, I met a Singaporean-Indian couple who was taking their daughter to the airport. The daughter goes to school in Mumbai. It started with a smile, then she smiled back. Conversation ensued between me and Paru, the mother/wife, and the rest was history.

To cut the story short, we ended having breakfast together after their daughter took off. Paru's husband works for Singapore Airlines and we went to the employee cafeteria. They serve the same food for passengers except the price is heavily discounted. I had laksa, and sugar cane juice. The laksa was spicy of course, and the sugar cane, oh I haven't had it in 20+ years so it was such a delight to taste it again.

Frank called back, and he said he won't be home til 5pm. That means, I need a place to store my luggage while I explore the city. Paru knows it, and she then offerred me their house, which was really wonderful! We took the bus home and in 30 mins we got settled in.

This is one of the reasons why I sometimes like to travel alone or I probably would have not met them if I was travelling with a companion.
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photo by: easyjobrob