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Waiting for another train

As the train pulled into North Station I made a quick call to my brother who was waiting for me inside at a bar to the left.  I quickly found him and jumped on the stool next to him where we talked about the signing and our upcoming trip to Arizona.  When we decided to leave I once again grabbed up my gear and turned around to see a baby mouse looking up at me.  It was just a little brown thing and kinda cute, but when people see mice and rats they tend to freak out, and the people did just that.  I tired to shoo him away before he met the fate of being crushed or whacked or whatever, but then he went behind the bar where the bartender caught him.  I'm not really sure what she did with him after that but we left to go over to the Celtics and bruins Pro-Shop to cash in on some clearence deals.

My championship hat that cost 50 cents

After strolling around in the shop for awhile we went out to meet our train to Lowell where my brother from another mother was having some birthday drinks.  We arrived in Lowell before him and his girlfreind so my real brother and I went shopping before finally meeting him at Chili's.

Ever since I left this morning I have been feeling off, I have been dealing with galbladder and pancreas problems for 2 months now and it felt like the pre-curser to another attack.  Did I let this stop me from eating those tastey looking texas fries, or having a margherita, no I didnt in fact I ordered more fries just before we left.  Leaving Chili's was qucikly becoming a problem though, I had to get to a television so that I could watch GHI and my brother wanted to stay and drink some more, well my cousin began to join in the fight to leave Chili's and finally we headed up to New Hampshire where GHI was waiting for me as was a comfy chair which I fell asleep in that night.

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Waiting for another train
Waiting for another train
My championship hat that cost 50 c…
My championship hat that cost 50 …
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