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I ended up here twice during my visit

My cousin brother and I headed over to Nashua for the Pizza Hut Buffet, now I am not really a fan of pizza so I was the odd man out at this lunch.  I ordered pasta alfredo and buffalo wings off of the menu, my cousin ordered a personal pan pizza and the rest of the boys ate from the buffet.  My brother actually consumed 11 slices of pizza by himslef, I niblled on his left behind pizza crusts untill my food came. 

When my food did come I had taken only two bites and ate a buffalo wing beofre the pain was so bad I finally decided it was time for an emergency room visit.  My cousin who was happy to have an excuse to take off of work drove me over to the ER, after of course everyone finished eating lunch.

I am not a fan of doctors hospitals and such things, when I get sick I just head to the local store and find something I feel will take care of it why waste all of this time and money?  I got there and was quickly put into a room and told to change into those stupid embarrasing gowns and then waited for the vampires to come and take blood samples.  They didnt do too bad only 5 misses before they managed to hit a vien that was willing to give up blood, and only 2 misses for the vien the IV went into.  Then it was on to get one of those sonogramy things, the ones that pregnant people get to see the babies.  When i got back to the room the dotor walked in and old me what I had already knew, and then she told me she was starting paper work to have me admitted.  I told her I couldnt because I needed to get home and turn in my finals for school, so she went and grabbed the supervising doctor for the ER.  He explained to me that I was going to basically die if I didnt have the problem fixed and told me I was crazy for not staying, and I repeated the fact I had finals in 2 days.  So he went and grabbed another doctor who then went and grabbed another doctor.  Four doctors later, I told them I would only stay if they would remove the galbladder and do what they had to do to resolve the problem, and once they said they couldnt untill a future date I had made up my mind and left.

The pain killers they had given me worked very fast and did a fantastic job, I was in no pain so I went to the store and bought chicken broth, jello and popcicles.  I figured I can eat all this stuff at home and it is bound to taste better than the hospitals version.  Needless to say I pretty much slept for the rest of the day which was a waste because I didnt get any school work done.

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I ended up here twice during my vi…
I ended up here twice during my v…
photo by: FrankMcD